“I fractured the T5 and T6 vertebrae,” Carloz Sainz Sr. gives update after multiple spine fractures caused due to his Dakar crash

“I fractured the T5 and T6 vertebrae,” Carloz Sainz Sr. gives update after multiple spine fractures caused due to his Dakar crash

Carlos Sainz Sr.

Carlos Sainz Sr. is a three-time Dakar Rally Champion and, indeed, one of the most celebrated rally drivers in the world. He disclosed that the severe crash that forced him to withdraw from the 2023 competition caused two fractures in his spine. The 60-year-old Spaniard experienced a serious collision barely six kilometers into Stage 9 of the Dakar when his Audi spun upside down while negotiating a dune and crashed severely.


Sainz did appear to be withdrawing from the competition. He tweeted saying that, on his return to Madrid from the Dakar Rally, he suffered a bout of back pain which had persisted longer than usual. Thus, he had to go for some medical checkups to pinpoint on the diagnosis and it seems that he has had a multiple fracture in the spine. “Unfortunately, the results haven’t brought good news because I fractured the T5 and T6 vertebrae. The good thing is that both vertebrae are stable and from this day on my priority will be to recover as soon as possible,” he informed the public.

After a promising early start, the father of Ferrari recruit Carlos Sainz Jr., had a disappointing Dakar and was hindered by a technical issue on Stage 3. On Stage 6, he experienced his first significant crash that tore a wheel from his vehicle while he was in full attack mode to make up lost time.

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Carlos Sainz declined medical care

Carlos Sainz Sr. with his son Carlos Sainz Jr.

His Audi RS Q E-Tron had roughly leaped over a sand dune and crashed nose down in a pit in the ground. He experienced tremendous chest discomfort and some torso pain immediately following the collision. He requested the pilot to take him back to his automobile after being escorted to a local hospital. As he reported having chest symptoms and was soon on his way to the hospital, but he changed his mind about going halfway there and requested that the helicopter turn around. His car was ultimately retired despite his attempt to rejoin the competition, in which he had taken the lead in after the first stage.

After finally accepting proper medical attention. Numerous supporters of the 60-year-old came out in favor of him. Sent their best wishes for a quick recovery after Sainz Sr announced the results of his horrible Dakar Rally collision. His son, F1 driver Carlos Sainz Jr., was also among the admirers. In his response to his father’s post, he wished him success. And assured his father that he is not losing anything.

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