“I have great deal of respect for Charles Leclerc,” Christian Horner praises hard and fair racing from Ferrari driver

Christian Horner expressed his appreciation for Charles Leclerc's hard but fair racing in 2022.

Christian Horner (Left) & Charles Leclerc (Right)
Christian Horner (Left) & Charles Leclerc (Right)
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Charles Leclerc has been on a brilliant show in 2022 with a capability to win the championship in F1-75. Only thing between him and the title is his rival Max Verstappen. With Ferrari battling Red Bull after a decade, the Italian team managed to bring a championship winning car first time after 2018. But things very rough for the Red team and the men in red after a series of bad luck and worse strategies.

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, came back the in the championship hunt after a long time in 2021. Although they only managed to win only one of the two titles, but a win is still a win. 2022 has been different for the Austrian team, with another World championship fight with Ferrari they have been dominant the whole season with 9 out of the 13 wins. Max winning 8 of them, he has been in touch with Charles Leclerc quite a lot of time, mostly losing out to him.

Horner doesn’t hide his appreciation for the Monacan driver after a wheel to wheel fight with him. “I have a great deal of respect for the way he’s conducted himself,” said Horner.

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Christian Horner compares fight from last season

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc making an overtake on Max Verstappen during the Austrian Grand Prix

2021 season was one of those written in the history books, with a proper title fight first time after 2018. The battle was set between the old and new generation, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The whole season went with fights wheel to wheel until the last race when both the drivers entered the ring on equal points. But there were a lot controversial incidents involved with the two arc rivals fighting. They had accidents leading to hospitals and rough collisions with either one of them getting a damage. But 2022 season hasn’t been that kind to the fans, Charles and Max has had clean fights with not even a single touch to the other ones car.

“He’s hard but fair and…there’s been a lot of hard racing between the two of them in the first half of this championship, but there hasn’t been a single touch, “ said Horner.

Ferrari are currently 100 points off Red Bull on the lead and Charles Leclerc is roughly 80 points off Max Verstappen. After half a season Ferrari look out of contention with a gap that js impossible to get cleared off in the next 8 races.

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