“I want to believe I’m the best” Lando Norris admits he will be ‘hurt’ if Oscar Piastri beats him in 2023

Lando Norris talks about feeling 'hurt' if he fails to beat his new teammate Oscar Piatri in the 2023 season.

Lando Norris
Lando Norris thinks that the pedal cam trialled in Silverstone 'did not show much'.

Lando Norris is performing at a very good level being the best of the rest on the grid. Lando is currently around the level of top six drivers, though he doesn’t really have a car that could battle the top three teams. Lando is still carrying the team on his back. Daniel Ricciardo on the other hand hasn’t really been contributing to the team points and has been completely trashed by Lando this season.

Ricciardo won’t be driving for McLaren next season, as he has been defeated by his teammate completely in the last two seasons. Instead, it will be Oscar Piastri. But Lando doesn’t expect Oscar to be an easy teammate as he talks about beating his teammate ahead of the next season. Norris has been a good driver but needs time to get set with the car, and was beaten by the much more experienced Carlos Sainz.

Norris would be ‘hurt’ if Piastri beat him: “It would hurt me a lot, because I want to believe I’m the best or if not, one of the best. You work for so many years to try and be in that position, and you want to beat everyone, especially your teammates. So if that time comes when you start to get beaten, that would hurt you inside, because that’s the last thing you ever want to happen when you’re racing.”

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Lando Norris on his situation with Carlos Sainz at the start of his career

Lando Norris on Carlos Sainz
Lando Norris on Carlos Sainz

Lando Norris was beaten by Carlos Sainz in the first two seasons with McLaren. Carlos was at the top of his game with McLaren and Lando being a rookie could not match him. Though Norris sees it as a disaster for him but being defeated by Oscar could actually make Norris’ career more difficult.

In conversation with RacingNews365, Norris said: “Even Carlos in my first few years beat me, I felt like I could say he beat me because it was my first two years in Formula 1. “It was getting to a point when he was on top of things and performing extremely well, in a car that suited him well, it’s just a car that someone can find the limit of very easily.”

But he added that it will be vastly different if Piastri were to beat him: “That was tough. But I also accepted it, because I was inexperienced compared to him.So that was kind of my little excuse. If I was to do the same now then it’d be more just fair and square. He’s beating me because he’s done a better job. Simple as that.”

McLaren currently is fighting Alpine in the championship, but now they are starting to fall behind in the fight for fourth place. With Oscar Piastri, one of the highest rated talents in the sport coming in next season, Norris and the Australian could bring McLaren that precious fourth position.

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