“I’m learning so much,” George Russell shares his nature of relationship with Lewis Hamilton

George Russell states that he is still learning a lot from Lewis

George Russell (Left) & Lewis Hamilton (Right)
George Russell (Left) & Lewis Hamilton (Right)

George Russell had an amazing opportunity in F1 this year after getting into Mercedes, replacing Valtteri Bottas. Although Mercedes themselves have had a tough time challenging other cars on the track, George Russell has managed to perform his best; he has, until now, finished in the top 5 in every race, and is the only driver on the grid to score points in every single race. He has scored 3 podiums until now, all of them on P3, and is even performing better than his legendary teammate, Sir Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton is known for his ruthless driving and domination over every other driver, especially his teammate, but this year that domination seems to be long lost. 

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There have been only 2 races until now where Hamilton has outperformed George Russell, and he has managed to score a 3rd place podium in both of those races. Also the major problem that Mercedes are facing is the porpoising issue, which is affecting Hamilton the most. Hamilton has driven the best car on the grid for much longer, and Russell has driven a Williams, so it is quite clear that if Hamilton gets a car that he is used to, he would be able to outperform George every single time. 

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George Russell states that he is learning from Hamilton 

Mercedes driver George Russell on the podium at Baku
Mercedes driver George Russell on the podium at Baku

Even though Russell is performing better, he stated that he is still learning a lot from Hamilton and his experience, which is turning out to be great for him, as we can see in both the races and the championship standings. 

“[I’m] learning so much from him – how he works, how he gets the team motivated – it’s quite inspiring to see. Also on the technical side, he’s pretty impressive, which a lot of people probably won’t recognise or appreciate,” Russell told F1 

George Russell has managed to be consistent every race, and that has made him stand 4th in the championship standings with 111 points, just a little bit behind Charles Leclerc, who is at 126 points after some unfortunate engine failures and DNFs. 

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