Imola Grand Prix Predictions: Points for Mercedes, Rain Advantage for Underdogs, and Verstappen-Leclerc Fight

Read all about our predictions for the Imola Grand Prix Main Race 2022 in Italy.

The Imola Grand Prix
The Imola Grand Prix

The F1 fans were keen for the first Sprint weekend of the new season of Formula 1 in Imola. And the Qualifiers and the Sprint that we got were worth the wait! But now that all the preceding segments of the Grand Prix are over, only one thing remains–the Main Race. So, stepping into Sunday’s race, we decided to share some of our predictions with you. Now, let’s jump right into a rundown of all the things that we think might happen today that will keep our eyes glued to the TV for watching the Imola Grand Prix!

Prediction #1: At least one Mercedes driver will end up with a points finish

Mercedes' teammates George Russell and Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes’ teammates George Russell and Lewis Hamilton

The F1 2022 season has not been kind to Mercedes even though their team had previously won eight consecutive Constructors’ Championship in the turbo-hybrid era of the sport. Even then, British dup George Russell and Lewis Hamilton have tried their best to scrape up as many points as possible from the different opportunities that have come their way.

But in Imola, Mercedes hit their lowest as both drivers failed to score any Championship points in the Sprint Race. On Sunday, they are about to start their Main Race from the 11th position (for George Russell) and 14th position (for Lewis Hamilton). But in our opinion, Mercedes will come through in the Main Race and at least one of their drivers will score some Championship points for their team, if the race conditions are dry and rain does not affect the Imola Grand Prix.

Prediction #2: Underdog teams like Haas will enjoy an advantage in rainy weather

Kevin Magnussen
Kevin Magnussen

Haas has come out as one of the underdog teams of this year with Kevin Magnussen achieving a P4 position in the Imola Grand Prix Qualifying–the best result for the team in their entire history in Formula 1. In the Sprint Race, Magnussen did fall back a few places and went to P8. But the Haas recruit will definitely have the upper hand if it starts to rain in Imola during the Main Race.

Teams like Haas and Alpine have nothing to lose and they will experiment various tyre strategies if rain pours down on Imola during the race. And if their strategy clicks, these teams will soar up to the top 10 places of the grid.

Prediction #3: Max Verstappen will have a thrilling wheel-to-wheel with Charles Leclerc


Max Verstappen won the Sprint Race yesterday after losing his pole position to Charles in the first few seconds and then inching closer to Charles’ Ferrari towards the end of the race. When only three laps were remaining for the 21-lap race, Verstappen took it into his own hands and swerved the car straight to the right of the Ferrari and overtook Charles Leclerc.

In the Main Race, Charles will surely look for ways to redeem his first position after giving it up in the Sprint Race. So, our predictions say that Max should look out for a terrific wheel-to-wheel with Charles Leclerc amidst wild cheering from the Tifosi in Imola!

With this, we come to the end of our predictions for the much-awaited Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola. Now, only time will tell how the actual race pans out.

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