“In this week’s episode of F1 forcing unwanted things upon fans”: Redditors react to schedule mix-up on the F1 app

The F1 app has included the list of eSports races alongwith the F1 Grands Prix in its scheduling feature, and fans are not happy to see the mix-up.

2022 season of Formula One
2022 season of Formula One

The executives at the FIA Headquarters are always busy brainstorming ways to promote all the various sports that come under their wing, and this time, their vision concerns ESports. F1 eSports has gained traction over the last few years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone was going online to watch the eSports events, in the absence of any Formula 1 race. In fact, there were several instances where the F1 YouTube channel roped in some of the F1 racers and some sim racers for a series of “Virtual Grands Prix”.

Now, there is a new change in the Formula 1 official app, obviously directed towards increasing the reach of the eSports divion of F1–but the fans are not too happy about it. In a Reddit post, it was revealed that many of the users have faced trouble as the F1 app has now got a mixed-up schedule of the F1 races and well as the F1 eSports races, and there is no way to filter the schedule to fit the users’ choice. That means, if someone wants to watch the F1 races only, he cannot select only F1 schedule, but will have to make do with a schedule that shows both F1 and eSports dates.

Redditors have now joined in discussing their woes with the F1 app which serve as their primary source to check the dates for the upcoming races. But some of the users have found out alternatives to use, where the eSports dates are not given.

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Fans fire their distaste at a new feature in the F1 app

Fans are not happy with how the F1 app is showing dates for F1 races as well as eSports races
Formula 1 teams Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull

Most of the fans who use the F1 app are on it to find out the timings of the future races, but the developers have made it difficult for them to use the app now. According to several complaints put up on Reddit by the F1 fans, they are seeing a mixed-up schedule on the app, which has got the dates of the F1 races as well as the eSports events. And this has created a confusion because most of them are not even interested in knowing about F1 eSports.

Here are some of things fans are saying about the recent mixed-up schedule that they are seeing on the F1 app:

With such a giant string of complaints against the newest feature of the F1 app, it is to be seen if the developers respond in some way and enable a filter option for the fans to see only the dates of the events they are interested in. Meanwhile, the upcoming Singaporean Grand Prix is right around the corner, scheduled to take place on 2nd October.

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