“It’s a shame to see these things” Charles Leclerc dismisses rumours of a rift at Ferrari

Charles Leclerc makes it clear that Ferrari do not have any internal divides.

Charles Leclerc and Ferrari
Charles Leclerc makes it clear that Ferrari do not have any internal divides.
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Carlos Sainz won his first Grand Prix last weekend in Silverstone at the 150th time of asking, the second-longest wait for a maiden Grand Prix win after Sergio Perez, who waited for 190 Grands Prix for his first win, which came at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix after he had been relegated to the bottom of the grid through an early incident.

Certainly, a first victory is a joyous occasion for any driver, and it was also Ferrari’s first victory since Charles Leclerc won in Australia, almost 3 months ago. A victory was desperately needed, but not everybody was pleased with how the victory came, and many felt that Charles Leclerc had been thrown under the bus by Ferrari when they had chosen not to pit him when the safety car came out, citing that there was no time for a double-stack.

There were also rumours that alleged that some staff from Ferrari had (at least initially) refused to attend Carlos Sainz’s podium ceremony. One can assume that these are alleged to be the staff with Charles Leclerc. In any case, the rumours of discontentment and a divide in the team were not a good look for Ferrari, and Charles Leclerc has addressed them now.

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Charles Leclerc insists that there is no divide in Ferrari

Mattia Binotto
Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc after the race.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Charles Leclerc was clear in stating that there is no internal divide in Ferrari. However, he confirmed that some staff missed the photoshoot – but because of logistical reasons:

Leclerc was disappointed with the rumours floating around about Ferrari: “It is a shame to see all of these types of things because it is definitely not what is happening inside the team. We’re a very united team – we always have been – it is not these difficult races that will make that change.”

“Of course, I was very disappointed after last weekend – we were one and two, and we finished one and four. So of course some parts of the team were disappointed, but this was definitely not the reason for not everybody being on the picture.”

He clarified that part of the team missed the flight back home due to the photoshoot: “Half of the team who stayed for the picture missed the plane to go back home, so that was quite tricky. We wanted to do the first picture, but Carlos was not there so we had to delay everything. But there are no hard feelings whatsoever.”

Leclerc was certainly disappointed by the race’s result, considering that he was in the lead and finished fourth, when earlier he had shown very strong pace even with a broken front-wing endplate. He insisted that everyone on the team was happy for Carlos Sainz, but also said that something like ‘that’ cannot happen again.

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