Lance Stroll claims he will stay in F1 next year despite a challenging 2023 season

The Canadian Lance Stroll has been unable to impress fans with his performance in the late-season.

Lance Stroll claims he will stay in F1 next year despite a challenging 2023 season

Lance Stroll (via IMAGO)

The Canadian driver Lance Stroll has had a very challenging season this time around. Stroll had started the season in a somewhat great form and scored points consistently. But after the mid-season break, it seems that things aren’t going in his favor.

Lance Stroll is desperately trailing his Spanish counterpart, Fernando Alonso. The point disparity between the two is an astonishing 135 points and it keeps widening every race week. However, Stroll displayed promising results at the Brazilian GP and finished P5.


The Canadian reassured the media and the fans that he will be in F1 for the next year. Additionally, he acknowledged the fact that the season was a challenging season at times.

The plan is I’m staying next year, It’s been a challenging season at times for sure.

Stroll said, as reported by

Stroll talked about the good results that he scored at the beginning of the season and claimed that there have been some great highlights for sure. But he also acknowledged the frustrating days of recent. Finally, the Canadian once again claimed that he would keep going next year for sure.

[There's been] some great highlights but also some really frustrating days of recent. But yeah, the plan is to keep going next year for sure.

There have been claims and speculations that speak ill of the Canadian. They claim that Stroll’s seat is protected within the team solely for the fact that the Aston Martin racing team is owned by his father Lawrence Stroll. However, the 25-year-old has shown improvement in his performance when required and negated these rumors.


Lance Stroll admits the mid-season decline of the AMR23

The AMR23 displayed an excellent pace at the beginning of the season. The car competed with the Red Bulls for the forefront and scored consistent points and podiums. The team also scored six podiums in the first eight races. Lance Stroll also talked about the difficult-to-race AMR23 and its issues due to the lack of upgrades.

Lawrence Stroll and Lance Stroll
Lawrence Stroll and Lance Stroll (Via IMAGO)

The 25-year-old claimed that there were some sectors where the car had improved a lot undoubtedly. The Canadian also called F1 as a development game throughout the season and claimed that the development of the AMR23 was a relative game. However, he accepted that the car was a bit challenging lately.

With just two more races left in the F1 Calendar, Aston Martin drivers aren’t too confident of challenging someone for something great. The team is comfortably sitting at the fifth spot and has no hopes to compete with the McLaren ahead. Regardless, the drivers continue to fight the battle and try their best to score great results.


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