“I couldn’t walk. I had a broken toe as well” Lance Stroll makes shocking revelations about his cycling injury

Despite suffering from injuries, Lance Stroll gave it his all in the Bahrain GP Qualifying.

<strong>“I couldn’t walk. I had a broken toe as well” Lance Stroll makes shocking revelations about his cycling injury</strong>

Lance Stroll. Image via Daily Star

Lance Stroll met with a bicycle accident while training for the pre-season testing. This led him to miss out on the three days test ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix. It was announced that the Aston Martin driver had a wrist injury previously. But now other details have come to light. He made some shocking revelations. 


Stroll looked uncomfortable during the practice sessions. Due to his accident, he could not complete his physical training. But the Canadian was adamant about getting into the car. Stroll mentioned that he had a broken toe as well, but despite all that, he managed to qualify 8th for the Bahrain Grand Prix, thanks to his willpower and AMR23’s performance. 

Lance Stroll stated, “If someone offered me a 1% chance to be here, I would take it. I mean, I was coming out of surgery 12 days ago, and it’s exactly two weeks today since my accident. I couldn’t move both hands, I couldn’t walk. I had a broken toe as well. The big toe, right foot. So yeah, the light was very far at the end of the tunnel. I had surgery 12 days ago and got out of the hospital 10 days ago”. 


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Lance Stroll is determined to perform well in impressive 2023 Challenger

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Lance Stroll. Image via Autoweek

Stroll admitted that he was happy and grateful to be racing. But at what cost, during the sessions, the Canadian could not get out of the car by himself, members in the garage helped him out. However, he passed the FIA test, and the team declared he was fit enough to complete the test. Lance Stroll stated that the Aston Martin car is more competitive, and this made his physical pain bearable. 

Irrespective of his pain, the 24-year-old will go on to race. Fernando Alonso qualified ahead of both the Mercedes, separating them from Ferrari. Lance Stroll feels Aston Martin is in a good place and does not want to miss the race. He also praised his father, Lawrence Stroll, for the team’s development over the winter break. 

Stroll admitted Aston Martin has a good pace in the long run. Fernando Alonso could not stop himself from praising his teammates’ dedication despite having undergone surgery. Alonso congratulated Stroll in every session because he was determined to compete, the two times world champion applauded Stroll’s passion for the sport. The Aston Martin team seems to be living in harmony, this is good for the team, especially if they want to stay on top. 


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