Lewis Hamilton claims his role in Apple’s F1 film starring Brad Pitt was ‘calling BS’

Lewis Hamilton has been involved in Apple's highly anticipated F1 film from day one.

Lewis Hamilton claims his role in Apple’s F1 film starring Brad Pitt was ‘calling BS’

Brad Pitt and Tim Cook and Sir Lewis Hamilton. (Via IMAGO)

Formula 1 has had an ever-growing fanbase in the recent couple of years. A majority of the credit goes to the sport’s commercial rights owner Liberty Media and their attempts at growing the sport. The ever-growing popularity of the sport led to Apple’s interest in making an F1 film starring Brad Pitt and Damson Idris. Lewis Hamilton serves as a producer on this massive project.

Apple Studios, Plan B Entertainment, and Jerry Bruckheimer are producing the movie, with the finalized title of the movie yet to be released. This film is believed to be Lewis Hamilton‘s dream project with approximate budget of $140 Million. The crew recently shot at Daytona International Speedway. The project has faced delays due to Hollywood Actors Guild Strike with no official release date so far. However, the production is now back in full swing.

Hamilton shared his main point regarding the film’s production. The Formula 1 sensation asserted that the movie needed to be ‘authentic’ and should cater to the vast majority of the viewers. Additionally, Hamilton pointed towards the two fan groups, varying in age and the time since when they were watching the pinnacle of motorsport.

My point was: Guys, this movie needs to be so authentic. There’s two different fan groups that we have—like, the old originals.
Lewis Hamilton told GQ

The 39-year-old emphasized that his role within the movie was to ‘call BS’. Hamilton pointed out the issues in the movie, whenever they arose and shared his point of view. The Briton advised about what racing really is and what kind of content the fans would enjoy. This ensured that the film did not become unrealistic for die hard F1 viewers.

I felt my job really has been to try to call BS. ‘This would never happen.’‘This is how it would be.’ ‘This is how it could happen.’
Lewis Hamilton noted.

Lewis Hamilton claims he doesn’t ‘dog down’ F1 films that are ‘way off the map’

There also have been multiple movies in the past about motorsports like Grand Prix (1996), Rush (2013), etc. Lewis Hamilton mentioned that he watched all films which focused on the racing world. Additionally, the 39-year-old had previously asserted that his upcoming F1 film would help spread the ‘F1 bug’ amongst the new Formula 1 fans.

I do watch all of them.
Lewis Hamilton added.
Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Via: Imago)

The seven-time world champion pointed out that it was a judgmental world, where people are prepared to criticize other’s hard work. Hamilton claimed that creating something from scratch took a lot of time and commitment. As a result, the 39-year-old wasn’t dogging down anything created with such efforts and commitment.

But one thing I think you’ll learn about me is I don’t like to—we live in such a judgmental world, and having seen how, for everything, building something from scratch and creating takes so much time and commitment from so many people—so I never like to be someone to dog anything.
Lewis Hamilton claimed.

The upcoming F1 movie would certainly attract millions of viewers globally. The film is being made by the same production house that created the famous film, Top Gun Maverick. Hence, the fans await for the release date of this exciting project. Till then, viewers could watch Lewis Hamilton end his final season at Mercedes this year.

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