Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt’s F1 movie production was ‘delayed a lot’ due to the Hollywood Actors Guild strike 

The movie titled 'Apex' began filming at the Silverstone Grand Prix weekend earlier this year, with both actors driving lower formula cars.

Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt’s F1 movie production was ‘delayed a lot’ due to the Hollywood Actors Guild strike 

Brad Pitt and Tim Cook and Sir Lewis Hamilton. (Via IMAGO)

For a long time now, there has been something awaited by fans of Formula One and cinema enthusiasts alike. Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt starring in a movie about the pinnacle of motorsport produced by F1 legend Lewis Hamilton, a movie set to impact the sport and theatres alike. However, a strike occurred in 2023 that impacted the process of the movie production.


A strike by the Writers’ Guild that demanded more fair wages for writers caused filming to half for the movie. The film, titled ‘Apex’, underwent filming for one location, in Silverstone, but was unable to take it any further due to the strike. Seven-time F1 champion Hamilton said the film would be delayed to early 2025 due to the extension of time.

Probably early 2025, I would imagine, with the post-work they’d have to do. So it’s been delayed a lot.
Hamilton said, as reported by racefans.net

The film crew was prepared to film in multiple iconic locations, the spectacular Las Vegas Grand Prix being one of them. Not being able to bring this to fruition, the filming has been affected greatly. Now that the strike has ended though, the actors can finally prepare for their return to filming.

Lewis Hamilton claims sponsorships for the F1 movie with Brad Pitt have ‘all changed’

The ‘Apex’ movie is an upcoming project starring Brad Pitt and produced by Lewis Hamilton. The film explores the rivalry between a veteran champion driver and a young hotshot rookie on the grid, extremely reminiscent of the 2007 Championship fight between Hamilton and two-time champion Fernando Alonso.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Via IMAGO)

However, the film was heavily impacted by the 2023 Writers’ Guild strike, and the crew was unable to film in most of the locations they wanted to. Lewis Hamilton pointed out that due to this, the sponsorships changed drastically, which meant that many scenes shot during the 2023 season were unusable. The majority of the scenes shot by the crew involved these sponsors which means the financial impact is large as well.

As reported by gpfans.com, the price tag is as high as $20 million. Due to the construction of replicas of every F1 car on the grid, the price of those cars has been affected by the drastic change in sponsorship, digging a multi-million dollar hole in the pockets of the production companies.

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