Lewis Hamilton asserts Mercedes W14 is ‘more inconsistent than ever’ at the Abu Dhabi GP

Lewis Hamilton has been knocked out of Q3 twice in a row for the first time since 2014.

Lewis Hamilton asserts Mercedes W14 is ‘more inconsistent than ever’ at the Abu Dhabi GP

Lewis Hamilton going back to the Gargae after the Qatar GP lap one crash (Via IMAGO)

Following the Abu Dhabi GP qualifying, Lewis Hamilton, seven-time World Champion, finds himself entangled in the tumultuous performance of the Mercedes W14. This car has proven to be more erratic than ever. Despite an overall improvement in 2023, Hamilton’s recent setbacks during the past two qualifying sessions have raised concerns about the W14’s consistency.


The Abu Dhabi GP qualifying session unfolded as a challenging ordeal for Hamilton and the Mercedes team. Hamilton faced a daunting setback, finishing in 11th place for the second consecutive weekend and missing out on a spot in Q3. While his teammate, George Russell had a decent 4th place result, it still was over 4 tenths behind the pole time set by Max Verstappen. Hamilton’s post-qualifying sentiments provided a candid glimpse into his struggles with the W14.

It's more inconsistent than ever before [the W14]. It's been up and down - per corner to the moment you hit the brakes and turn to the moment you hit the apex. It's massively out of balance. Very hard to predict what is going to happen

The inconsistency of the W14 has been a recurring theme throughout the 2023 season. Despite Russell’s promising performance in the final practice, where he led the pack, offered a glimmer of hope. However, the qualifying has provided a reality check about the team’s performance. 

Lewis Hamilton’s consecutive Q3 eliminations hinder Mercedes’ fight with Ferrari

The team has put in a lot of effort to enhance their performance, such as introducing side pods in Monaco, revamping their entire design. However, persistent issues, including tire problems in Sao Paulo and undisclosed difficulties in Las Vegas, have plagued the Mercedes team. The pressure from Scuderia Ferrari in the Constructors’ Championship standings has added complexity to their campaign.

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton
George Russell and Lewis Hamilton (Credits: Essentially Sports)

Hamilton’s back-to-back disasters in qualifying sessions mark a critical juncture in the season. Despite achieving multiple podium finishes and securing the third position in the championship standings, the consecutive 11th-place qualifications have jeopardized Mercedes’ standing in the Constructors’ Championship. The fight for the second position is still ongoing, with the final decision set to unfold on the Sunday.

As the Formula 1 season culminates in Abu Dhabi, the inconsistency displayed by the W14 poses a formidable challenge for Hamilton and Mercedes. Overcoming the unpredictability of their car becomes paramount not only for Hamilton’s individual standing but also for the team’s pursuit of success in the Constructors’ Championship. 

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