Lewis Hamilton admits he thought of retiring over ‘self doubt’ after controversial 2021 title loss to Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton shared his struggles.post the controversial 2021 Abu Dhabi title.

Lewis Hamilton admits he thought of retiring over ‘self doubt’ after controversial 2021 title loss to Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton (Via IMAGO)

Lewis Hamilton’s 2021 title campaign against Max Verstappen is one of the most infamous Championship charges in Formula One history. A dramatic and violent season came to a tumultuous end in Abu Dhabi on the final lap, as a regulation breach by the race director saw Max Verstappen storm through to win the Championship for the first time.

While it was joy and laughter in the Red Bull garage, a wholly different story went on at the Mercedes camp. Lewis Hamilton subsequently became a ghost on social media, Mercedes protested multiple times in vain and the atmosphere at the Brackley-based team was dismal.


In a recent interview, Hamilton revealed that he thought of retirement very seriously in his post-season holidays, going through a very tough time. The Briton spent time with his close family in Europe to recover from the stressful 2021 season.

Emotions were high, it was a really, really difficult period of time, so I had to just wait until things calmed down, and that I was clear in my thought and I was able to then make the right decisions.
Lewis Hamilton said, as reported by motorsport.com

Hamilton did return for the 2022 season but has had no luck since then, winning zero races in the 44 races since. The 7x Champion is hoping for a chance at redemption with a record-eighth title before his contract extension concludes, with Mercedes doing everything they can to make the goal come to life.

Lewis Hamilton reveals adventurous winter break plans

The 2023 F1 season has finally come to a close, giving drivers a four-month break from driving at the pinnacle of motorsport. Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to spending the break with adrenaline-filled activities, going skiing last year, and has gone a step further in 2023.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (via The Sun)

Hamilton driver revealed that once his responsibilities in F1 end on the 10th of December, he will be embarking on quite a few activities. The Mercedes driver will be working on music in Los Angeles, followed by visiting a friend to see the birth of their baby. Hamilton will then be cross-country skiing and hiking, spending time in the mountains with his close family. Hamilton said:

I don’t finish work till the 10th of Dec. Then I’m going to go to LA, work on some music for a little bit. A friend of mine is having a baby, so I’ll be there for that. Then family time in the mountains, fresh air, hiking, cross-country skiing.

Hamilton has already begun his vacation, after being spotted skydiving in Dubai. The 38-year-old was seen skydiving with Nalia Nazer, a professional skydiving expert. The Briton jumped from over ten thousand feet, using his 80+ skydiving experiences to jump in formation with Nazer and two others.

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