Lewis Hamilton vs Tom Brady: Who lives the more luxurious lifestyle

Know all about Lewis Hamilton and Tom Brady's financial status and who among the two, trumps the other, in terms of overall wealth.

Lewis and Tom
Lewis and Tom

Lewis Hamilton and Tom Brady are one of the biggest names in their respective sports and have got die-hard fans all across the globe. With the fame that the duo has amassed in their long careers, comes huge amounts of financial income, and with the help of this piece, we are going to try and make-out who among the two has the upper hand over the other when it comes to having a superior and a more luxurious lifestyle.

Lewis Hamilton is a former 7-time Formula One Champion and is currently doing his trade for the Mercedes team. Moreover, being one of the absolute best to ever step foot in the sport has its perks, and the Brit over the years has amassed massive wealth.

As things stand, Lewis Hamilton is currently sitting pretty on a whopping net worth of $285 million. While the 37-year-old’s main source of income is the $50 million that he receives from Mercedes on an annual basis, this is not the only way in which he accumulates his wealth.

The Brit is also a successful businessman who has got his foot into various fields like fashion, food, etc. Moreover, he has his own line of clothing with Tommy Hilfiger and is also sponsored by many sporting brands.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

After delving deep into most of his financial sources, it’s probably the right time to focus on his prized assets. Lewis Hamilton owns quite a large number of luxurious homes all over the world and to name a few, he has a $43 million penthouse in New York, a $24 million mansion in London, and also has his name on an exquisite home in Monaco, France.

One more thing that is almost obvious with Hamilton is the supercars that he owns. Lewis Hamilton has a plethora of cars that he chooses to make appearances in every now and then.

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Tom Brady is also not far behind Lewis Hamilton in terms of wealth

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

While Lewis Hamilton has got ample amounts of all the luxuries of the World, the same is the case with Tom Brady, who is one of the most successful quarterbacks in American football’s history.

The 44-year-old NFL legend currently has a net worth of $250 million and amasses an additional $30 million from his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Moreover, just like Hamilton, Tom Brady has also got quite a large number of income sources other than his sport and as per reports, it is believed that the American has signed a mammoth $375 million deal with Fox Sports that will kick in once Brady hangs up his boots for good.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen
Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

The NFL legend has decent-sized deals in place with brands like Under Armour, IWC watches, Molecular Mattresses, Aston Martin, Upper Deck, and Tag Heuer to name a few. Moreover, Brady also has his own clothing range and an NFT collectibles site called Autograph.

Given the amounts of financial sources that Tom Brady has, it is no surprise to know that he owns a beautiful home in Massachusetts which was rumored to be worth around $33.9 million in 2020. Moreover, in 2014, he sold his LA property to American rapper, Dr. Dre for a massive $50 million.

After looking at the financial power of both Lewis Hamilton and Tom Brady, it is safe to assume that the two heavy hitters of their respective sports are almost at par in terms of finances and the kind of luxuries they enjoy on a daily basis. Moreover, it is extremely tough to get the exact number on their finances as they tend to fluctuate all the time.

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