“Bono slacking at his job,” Nicole Scherzinger provokes amusement among Lewis Hamilton fans with ‘that’ phrase

On a recent Instagram story, Lewis Hamilton's ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger used a phrase fans would associate with Hamilton's race engineer.

Lewis Hamilton (L) Nicole Scherzinger (R)
Lewis Hamilton (L) Nicole Scherzinger (R)

Lewis Hamilton and pop star Nicole Scherzinger were together on and off for eight years from 2007 to 2015. The two were the definition of a power couple, and fans were understandably taken aback when they decided to call it quits. No one truly knows why they did so, but it’s assumed that their busy lifestyles played a part.

Lewis Hamilton had hinted at the same, as per The Mirror: “It may be slightly different in that we are travelling as much as we are, and you are just away for crazy amounts of time.” he added: “So that’s probably an additional weight that makes it really, really tough to hold down a good relationship, and if things aren’t quite perfect.”

Recently, in an Instagram story, Nicole Scherzinger used the phrase: “Hammer time!” Mercedes fans will know what the phrase’s significance is. ‘Hammer time’, often said over the radio by Hamilton’s engineer Peter Bonnington, is the clear-cut message which tells the Briton to start giving it everything he has got, and fans are amused to see the singer use it.

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Fans: ‘She [Nicole Scherzinger] used it before Bono [Peter Bonnington] this year’

Lewis Hamilton with Nicole Scherzinger
Lewis Hamilton with Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton has had a rather disappointing season, by his own lofty standards. The Briton currently sits sixth, and is a long way behind his teammate, George Russell, even if a series of misfortunes has contributed to that. That will not be any consolation to Hamilton, especially as the car has rarely been competitive enough for a win.

As such, he has rarely had any opportunities to all out push like he did in the past, and unfortunately, Bonnington has not really had any chance to use it as he had in the past, and at the very least, fans do not remember him using it. This is part of the reason why they were so surprised at Scherzinger using it.

Some even sarcastically called Scherzinger’s use of the word ‘hammertime from wish.com’. ‘Wish’ is an online website, whose sellers do not have an incredible reputation.

Some insiniuated that perhaps her use of this phrase was a sign that the two are looking to get back together again, but this was quickly shut down: Scherzinger is engaged.

Most people brushed it off, but some did not seem to take it to it too kindly. Lewis Hamilton, for once, would love to hear ‘hammertime’ on the radio once again and see him win, but it’s rather unlikely this season.

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