Interesting details revealed about Verstappen’s fitness levels: “Max burns as many calories during a race as someone who runs a half marathon”

Max Verstappen's performance coach Bradley Scanes opens up on the driver's fitness regime

Max Verstappen with performance coach Bradley Scanes
Max Verstappen with performance coach Bradley Scanes

Formula One is a physically demanding sport that requires drivers to be perfectly fit. Although it may not always appear so, Bradley Scanes attempts to describe why driving in the most refined class of motor racing is a personal battle.

A driver burns as many calories as a half-marathon runner during a race, according to reigning F1 world champion Max Verstappen’s trainer. Of course, this is somewhat shocking because the driver is essentially seated still in the pilot’s seat.

“On top of that, you have to be able to handle pressure up to 40, 45 kilograms, when it comes to your neck. Braking? Then on circuits like Monza you have to be able to pedal a hundred kilos. In the cockpit, temperatures can reach fifty degrees,” added Scanes in reference to the most recent inaugural Miami Grand Prix where Verstappen ended up losing 3.6 kilograms over a span of an hour and a half just through sweating.

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“Max is an exceptional talent” : Bradley Scanes

Max Verstappen and Bradley Scanes
Max Verstappen and Bradley Scanes

“That’s about five percent of his weight. If you lose that much weight, it leads to you losing thirty percent of your working capacity. Then it’s about strength, but even more importantly about the mental aspect and concentration,” said Scanes in reference to the weight that the Dutchman lost in the Miami Grand Prix.

Bradley Scanes believes that it is no random occurrence that some drivers began to make a lot of mistakes near the end of the race. It demonstrates the significance of being physically fit.

Nevertheless, Scanes is beyond elated to be working closely with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. “Max is an exceptional talent. He has matured quickly. You see that more often in top athletes. He is easy to work with. We understand each other and the atmosphere is very relaxed,” added the physical therapist and performance coach.

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