Max Verstappen and Lando Norris spotted partying with Martin Garrix at Caesars Palace after the Las Vegas GP

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris had a great time during at the Omnia night club in the Caesars Palace.

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris spotted partying with Martin Garrix at Caesars Palace after the Las Vegas GP

Lando Norris, Max Verstappen, and, Martin Garrix (Credits: X/Adam Stern(screenshot)

The Las Vegas Grand Prix was one show where everyone interested in F1 had the time of their lives. The 50-lap race was the best event of the 2023 season, and while Max Verstappen’s party started after winning the race, he was spotted late at night at the Caesars Palace partying with fellow F1 driver Lando Norris.


Verstappen and Norris share a tremendous bond and often hang out in each other’s company. At the Omnia nightclub of the Caesars Palace, the prolific duo arrived at around 4:00 am and had a big blast dancing, enjoying their leisure time alongside some of their friends.

Moreover, the F1 duo of Verstappen and Norris were also joined at the party by the world-renowned DJ Martin Garrix. This trio, in recent times, have often been seen enjoying each other’s company and sharing as many memorable moments as humanely possible for them.

Max Verstappen had a grand outing at the fast Las Vegas F1 track and made some sensational moves that brought the whole crowd to a standstill at certain specific moments. However, Lando Norris, conversely, came away with a huge, disappointing DNF from the event.


Max Verstappen has taken his win tally to 18 after the Las Vegas GP

With the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix done and dusted, the reigning F1 world champion, Max Verstappen, has now scored eighteen wins in the 2023 season with one race remaining on the calendar. The 26-year-old has been simply sensational behind the wheel of the RB19 this year.

Red Bull (Credits: Planet F1)
Max Verstappen (Credits: Planet F1)

Verstappen from the get-go, has been in superb form against his rivals, and after facing some initial resistance from Sergio Perez, he has never looked back and scored Grand Prix wins for fun. With the last event of the 2023 season, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, just around the corner, his focus will now be on triumphing in that event.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a special event for Max Verstappen as this was the race where he was declared as the 2021 F1 world champion. It was his first world title back then, and considering this, Verstappen would want to close out the ongoing campaign win a grand win.

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