Max Verstappen clarifies his ‘intentions’ behind harsh criticism of Las Vegas GP

Max Verstappen elaborated on his harsh comments about the Las Vegas Grand Prix, stating that he did not intend to criticize 2023's most expensive F1 race.

Max Verstappen clarifies his ‘intentions’ behind harsh criticism of Las Vegas GP

Max Verstappen and Daniel Riccardo (Via IMAGO)

Max Verstappen did not mince words with his harsh criticism of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, a week before the concluding round in Abu Dhabi. Marketed as the biggest race of the year, the Las Vegas GP was a glamour-filled event, with celebrities and stardom being one of the selling points for its inaugural round in 2023.

Verstappen was extremely skeptical of the spectacle of the Las Vegas GP, accusing the race of being more of a show than a sporting event. After a controversy in FP1 on the eviction of the audience from their seats, Verstappen claimed the venue should be ‘torn down’. However, the Dutchman has clarified that he wanted to express his beliefs about the event rather than criticize the event itself. 

That wasn’t my intention. I just responded how I wanted to respond about things. I think it’s important that as drivers we speak up for what we believe in

The World Champion did get satisfaction from the Las Vegas race, however. Verstappen got fortunate with a safety car and remained untouchable from there, winning the race ahead of Charles Leclerc. Post-race, his views on the event seemed to have changed, when Verstappen complimented the ability to overtake on the brand-new racetrack.

Max Verstappen picks out his three favourite 2023 victories

Max Verstappen was absolutely untouchable in 2023, with the RB19 flying under his command. The 3x Champion claimed the title with dominant fashion, finishing the season 290 points ahead of his teammate Sergio Perez. Verstappen claimed nineteen of the 22 available winners’ trophies, breaking his own record in doing so.

Mas Verstappen on the podium
Max Verstappen on the podium (via Sky Sports F1)

Verstappen won races by a large lead most of the year, leaving the rest of the grid far behind. However, even in those races are some favorites for the Red Bull driver, races that he felt the most satisfaction in. Verstappen picked his home race at Zandvoort, the comeback fight in Miami, and winning at Suzuka following a difficult weekend at Singapore as his top three.


I think the comeback race in Miami was great, that was an important one. Winning at home at Zandvoort was a very nice one, and I think winning at Suzuka, after the tough weekend we had in Singapore.

Max Verstappen said, as reported by

Red Bull has reportedly begun development of their 2024 RB20 as early as July of 2023, giving them a humongous competitive advantage over their rivals. With a potentially more dominant vehicle coming his way next season, Max Verstappen might claim the first-ever clean-sweep in F1, improving his current season win rate of 95% to 100%.

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