Max Verstappen rubbishes claims that Red Bull only develop F1 cars according to his liking

Max Verstappen has denied claims that Red Bull is developing cars to aid his driving style.

Max Verstappen rubbishes claims that Red Bull only develop F1 cars according to his liking

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is the reigning F1 world champion. The Dutchman annihilated the competition in 2022 and went on to win a record-breaking 15 races. over the years, there has been speculation regarding this success. Some have claimed that Red Bull has actively helped the 25-year-old by tailoring its car for his driving style. However, Verstappen recently ruled out such allegations.

The Dutchman was asked if the Austrian team develops its car in a direction that is comfortable for him. Max Verstappen replied, “I don’t think it’s necessarily just to my driving style.”  Subsequently, the 24-year-old pointed out the task of an F1 driver to work with the machinery they are given. He continued, “I think as a driver, you need to adapt to what you get.”

The Dutchman is the driver to beat in 2023

Moreover, the two-time world champion recalled having adapted to the car ever since joining Red Bull. The Dutchman explained, “that’s also what I did when I joined Red Bull because the car was always like that, to be honest.” Additionally, Max Verstappen mentioned being accustomed to the oversteering nature of Red Bull F1 cars. He stated, “I’ve never experienced a fast car which has understeer in my life, in any category. So for me, it’s nothing.”

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“I always adapt to what I get,” Max Verstappen said on preferring cars with a specific driving style

Verstappen’s teammates have initially struggled to get to grips with Red Bull cars

The 24-year-old stated Red Bull’s preferences around his driving style. Max Verstappen said, “weird when I’m getting older, it feels like the team is really pushing around my driving style.” Although, the Dutchman denied having any particular way of driving the Adrian Newey-designed F1 cars. He explained, “I feel like if people ask me ‘what is your driving style?’, I cannot tell you because I always adapt to what I get, in the best way possible.”


Max Verstappen talked about the challenges in adapting to a few cars in his career. The Dutchman said, “Sometimes it’s a bit harder than others, but I think that’s the key.” However, the 24-year-old was up for such challenges. He concluded, “you need to adapt every year, every track is different, and that’s what you try to do best every time.” Drivers who fail to adapt often get ousted from the sport. The latest example is Daniel Ricciardo.

Max Verstappen has clarified that Red Bull does not try to aid his driving style. The 24-year-old simply gets accustomed to the beast at his hands—something his teammates have often found challenging. Consequently, the Dutchman has truly shined through as one of the better drivers in the history of the pinnacle of motorsport.

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