McLaren’s IndyCar star Pato O’Ward promises to go ‘full send’ to enter F1 as he claims he is ‘good enough to be’ there

The Mexican IndyCar driver Pato O'Ward believes he needs to prove his worth to McLaren at the testing at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit.

McLaren’s IndyCar star Pato O’Ward promises to go ‘full send’ to enter F1 as he claims he is ‘good enough to be’ there

Pato O'Ward (via IMAGO)

The Mexican IndyCar driver Pato O’Ward has been on McLaren’s radar for quite a long time now. After the end of the 2023 Formula 1 season, the teams on Tuesday will be conducting the final on-track outing of the year with one car for a young driver and one for tire development.

Pato O’Ward will be the young driver stepping up to the task for McLaren’s post-season testing. The Mexican has claimed that the test is going to be huge for the team. O’Ward further commented over the rocketship-like pace and build of the F1 cars as he conveyed his feelings on getting the opportunity to test the McLaren MCL-60 at the Yas Marina circuit.


The test is going to be huge for the team to see that I’m ready for it, These things, they’re rockets, they’re such capable cars, I’m pumped to get back into it on Tuesday and really wring its neck, and really see what it’s capable of, do proper performance runs, long race runs, and really see what it’s all about.

O’Ward said, as reported by

Additionally, the 24-year-old youngster was also a part of the FP1 session at the Abu Dhabi GP. However, the team had limited resources towards the end and the mechanics were tired as well and hence he could not fully seize the opportunity then. However, the test will not limit Ward anymore and he can fully send it in the sessions

I’ve never been known to have a middle mode, I’ve either been full send or nothing. My approach in FP1 was definitely different to what my normality is. But the test will be back to what I know best.

Pato O’Ward highlighted the difference between IndyCar and Formula 1

The IndyCar driver claimed that racing in the ovals is ‘gnarly stuff’. He further explained that the racing through the oval track took a heavy toll on the body however he did not hesitate in acknowledging the fact that racing in F1 was much harder than in IndyCar. Additionally, the Mexican’s ‘full send’ attitude has made him a star within IndyCar as well.

Pato O'Ward in IndyCar
Pato O’Ward in IndyCar (via Beyond the Flag).

Ward has also showered confidence over replicating his IndyCar dominance and performance in Formula 1. He further added that he had to take full advantage of any opportunities that he gets to race in Formula 1 and finally prove his worth to the team to finally get a seat in a sport with the top 20 racing drivers of the world.


McLaren’s performance has also been on the bright side in the later half of the season as Lando Norris displays optimism for the next year. However, a full-time seat might not be happening anytime soon for the Mexican as Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri have been confirmed till atleast 2026 and are looking at further increasing their contracts beyond 2026.

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