Nelson Piquet calls Lewis Hamilton a NIG**R : “The little black guy put…..”

Nelson Piquet called out Lewis Hamilton for the 2021 crash at Silverstone.

Nelson Piquet (Left) & Lewis Hamilton (Right)
Nelson Piquet (Left) & Lewis Hamilton (Right)

Lewis Hamilton has been dominating the sport for years now, and the 2021 season was a showcase for that. The intimate battles he had with Max Verstappen were one for the eyes. There was obviously a lot of anger and hate for both the drivers, but a former F1 driver took it to the edge. At Silverstone last year, the first lap saw Max Verstappen crashing out of the race after Lewis Hamilton left him no space, there was a lot of hate spreading for Hamilton after that, and Nelson Piquet called out Hamilton using the most racial slur he could. 

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According to reports, Piquet was analyzing the crash between the two champions, and when he noticed that it was Hamilton’s fault (because he left no space for Verstappen), he burst out. “The little n**** [Hamilton] put the car in and left because there was no way to pass two cars on that corner,” Piquet said in an interview in Portuguese, Formula1News quoted. 

“He made a joke. Lucky for him, only the other one [Verstappen] got f***ed up,” he added. 

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Lewis Hamilton faced a lot of racism early in his career 

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Although this entire event happened last year at Silverstone, it only came to light this year, after Juri Vips, Red Bull’s junior driver, used similar racial slurs on a livestream. In action, he was suspended from all duties within the team. 

Lewis Hamilton has been outspoken about the racism he has faced as a child and as a rookie in F1, he has said that it is never easy for people from his community to prove their mark, but Hamilton, after breaking such great records have proven himself and that all people must be treated equally no matter what their skin color, nationality, or sexual orientation is. 

It is a shame that even in 2022, a person who has achieved what no one ever could is a victim of racism, and it shows how much our society has to change. There has been no action taken on Nelson Piquet as of now by F1 or anyone else, which has spread a rage on the Internet against the Brazilian. 

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