“They treated me like a dog,” Nelson Piquet Jr. recounts Crashgate amidst Felipe Massa’s legal drama

Nelson Piquet Jr., Betrayed and intimidated, breaks his silence on renault team's unjust actions during 'Crashgate' scandal

“They treated me like a dog,” Nelson Piquet Jr. recounts Crashgate amidst Felipe Massa’s legal drama

Nelson Piquet Jr. and his team boss, Flavia Briatore (Credits: Daily Mail)

Nelson Piquet Jr. has now spoken out about his treatment by the Renault team after being forced to crash during the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, as Felipe Massa brought up the issue of ‘Crashgate’ in his legal pursuit of the 2008 title. Piquet, who had been guaranteed a spot with the team the next year, was forced to crash in order to assist teammate Fernando Alonso in winning the race. The event, branded “crashgate,” resulted in lifelong bans from Formula One for Piquet and Renault team manager Flavio Briatore.


Nelson Piquet Jr. recently opened up about the ordeal, revealing that he felt he was treated “like a dog” by the team. In an interview, he stated, “They broke my contract, something I wasn’t supposed to do. I was supposed to run all year and, suddenly, they told me: ‘Now [Romain] Grosjean is going to come in your place.’ I told them: ‘You can’t do that.’ They treated me like a dog, thinking I’m trash, I think we need to set the record straight here.”

The Brazilian driver further revealed that he was intimidated by his boss, Flavio Briatore, who he claims threatened to end his career if he did not crash. Piquet stated, “He was my boss, and he had power over me. He was the one who said, ‘If you don’t do it, your career is over.'” Piquet’s admission of being intimidated by Briatore sheds light on the pressure drivers can face from team managers in Formula One.


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Nelson Piquet Jr. breaks his silence for the first time post ‘Crashgate’ controversy

Nelson Piquet after the infamous 'Crashgate'
Nelson Piquet after the infamous ‘Crashgate’ (Credits: BlueJean.fr)

Piquet’s remarks come amid a legal saga sparked by the 2008 runner-up, Felipe Massa, who is seeking justice for the events of the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. Felipe Massa is suing over the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix controversy, seeking justice amid recent allegations that Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley knew about the order for Nelson Piquet Jr. to crash. Massa feels the race should have been called off and him named the winner.

Piquet also said that he was alone at the time of the event and did not contact his father, Nelson Piquet Sr., before accepting Briatore and the team’s request. He mentioned the large time difference in Singapore as making it difficult to get counsel from his father.

While Massa’s legal action drama plays out, it is clear that Piquet’s treatment following the “crashgate” scandal was unacceptable. No one deserves to be treated like a dog, and it is important that the record is set straight on this matter. It is also crucial to understand the full context of the incident and the impact it had on all those involved, including Piquet.


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