Cold-hearted McLaren mocks Felippe Massa for exploring legal options to strip Lewis Hamilton of the 2008 Championship

McLaren posted a video on tiktok as a brutal response to Felipe Massa's legal action over the 2008 championship.

Cold-hearted McLaren mocks Felippe Massa for exploring legal options to strip Lewis Hamilton of the 2008 Championship

McLaren celebrating their 2008 victory and Felipe Massa gutted

Former Ferrari driver and 2008 runner-up, Felipe Massa, is considering taking legal action to explore the possibility of being declared the winner of the 2008 Formula One World Championship after new information emerged about a deliberate crash that took place during the Singapore Grand Prix that year. However, the team that was responsible for Lewis Hamilton’s win, McLaren, has given a cold-hearted response to Massa’s claims.


McLaren posted a video montage of photos from Lewis Hamilton‘s championship-winning season on TikTok with the statement, “Denial is a river in Egypt.” The video also included a winking smile emoji. The statement infuriated fans, who were stunned that an official McLaren account would handle the matter in this manner.

The 2008 Formula One World Championship was a nail-biter between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa that came down to the wire. Massa and his crew were overjoyed when Massa crossed the finish line first, assuming they had sealed the championship, only to have their hopes dashed when Hamilton passed Timo Glock to finish fifth, edging out Massa by one point to win his first-ever title.

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Felippe Massa and Lewis Hamilton, in 2008
Felippe Massa and Lewis Hamilton, in 2008 (Credits: Racing News 365)

Felipe Massa has expressed dissatisfaction with his title loss and is pondering legal action. He claimed that if the controversial Singapore Grand Prix had been canceled as it should have been, he would have won the championship. The Singapore Grand Prix is dubbed “crashgate” in Formula One circles. During the race, Renault instructed Nelson Piquet Jr. to crash intentionally, allowing Fernando Alonso to win. When the safety car was deployed due to Piquet Jr.’s incident, Massa was leading the race. When his opponents, including Massa and Hamilton, who had still to pit, came in for their pit stops, Alonso, who had previously pitted, was promoted to first place. Massa experienced an unsafe pit stop release and was awarded a penalty, ending 13th and out of the points, while Hamilton finished on the podium in third position.

Felippe Massa’s disappointment at losing the 2008 Formula One World Championship to Lewis Hamilton was recently heightened when former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone revealed that he and then-FIA president Max Mosley were aware that Renault had ordered Nelson Piquet Jr to intentionally crash in order to set up Fernando Alonso for the win at the Singapore Grand Prix. Based on this, Massa is considering legal action to further grasp the situation and research what the laws and rules say about it.

The McLaren post, which featured a montage of photographs from Hamilton’s title-winning season with the caption “Denial is a river in Egypt” and a winking smile emoji, left some fans in disbelief that an official McLaren account would address the situation in this manner. The comments section was divided, with some expressing sympathy for Massa and others saying that erasing the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix would only penalize Hamilton, who had no say in how the race was decided and was innocent in all of this.

It’s worth noting that McLaren’s post could be seen as a defense of their last championship title, which was won by Hamilton in 2008. The team has not won a driver’s championship since then, and the post may have been a way to remind fans of their past successes.


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