“None of the top three teams…within the budget cap”: Helmut Marko worries the budget cap will restrict growth in F1

Red Bull F1 Team Director Dr Helmut Marko has some qualms against the current budget cap imposed by the FIA as they seem irrational due to the post-Covid inflation. Now, the F1 veteran is explaining the reasons why he is unhappy with the budget cap imposed on all the teams in the sport.

Helmut Marko
Helmut Marko

The current Formula 1 2022 season has seen a huge upheaval in the rules and regulations which were previously being followed by all the teams. Now that the Race Director of the FIA has changed, the new Directors of the authoritative board of Formula 1 are looking to shift the organisation’s focus to certain topics like driver safety, budget caps for the F1 teams, etc.

The budget cap issue has been in discussion for quite a few years, and now the new Directors of FIA have made it a point to go forth with the rule. According to the reports, a budget cap has been imposed on all of the ten F1 teams that contest in the Grands Prix to make sure that every team starts from a level playing field.

Now, Red Bull Race Director Helmut Marko has pointed out that keeping the budget cap in place has caused a stagnation in the technological side of Formula 1, as the teams are not being able to made advancements due to the shortage of money.

Helmut Marko objects that the budget cap is causing hindrance for Formula 1 teams

Helmut Marko
Helmut Marko

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Previously, it was seen that teams with a larger number of sponsors spend a lot of money on developing their car parts and the teams who have a smaller budget, fall to the back of the grid because they cannot produce such advanced machinery. With the budget cap in place, it was expected that the competition would be closer as all the teams would have almost the same car parts.

With the budget cap in place, the F1 teams who were previously spending a huge fraction of their budget on developing newer car technology, have had to suspend all their research. This has made it difficult for new machinery to come up in the sport.

Speaking of the current budget cap, Red Bull Race Director Helmut Marko has said, “None of the three top teams is currently within the budget limit. The transport costs have risen by 60 percent in some cases, as have the material costs.

According to Marko, the budget cap should be raised since there has been an inflation in the post-Covid market. The veteran Red Bull executive said, “There have already been talks about a certain inflation adjustment. First the pandemic, then the war, these are events that were not foreseeable and these rates of inflation and growth are not normal either.

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