“One year you are the Villian and next the hero,” Christian Horner breaks silence on fans booing Max Verstappen at the US GP

Max Verstappen was continuosly booed during the whole three day Austin F1 weekend.

“One year you are the Villian and next the hero,” Christian Horner breaks silence on fans booing Max Verstappen at the US GP

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen. (Image via IMAGO)

Max Verstappen has won the 2023 United States Grand Prix. Despite starting the event in sixth place, he was able to make his way up on the grid and was able to clinch the victories. He has received massive applause for his exploits from Christian Horner and the pundits, but surprisingly, the fans were not too excited about his triumph in Austin.


Max Verstappen was incessantly booed during the three-day weekend, and the noise was on a whole other level when he got on the podium in Austin. Christian Horner is not too pleased with the fans’ reactions and has indicated that their reaction is just part of parcel of the sport about which nothing can be done.

The Brit has made it clear that nothing really can be done about how the fans would react toward a driver at a certain point.

I don't think Max is going to get the warmest reception in Mexico! But that's water off a duck's back. One year you are the villain, the next year you are the hero.
Verstappen told Sky Sports.

He feels the fan’s reactions keep on fluctuating from time to time and thus feels there is really no point in giving too much attention to it. Horner is just pleased with the way Verstappen has carried himself during the 203 Formula 1 season and hopes for it to continue for as long as possible.


Max Verstappen is on course to secure race victories in all the remaining 2023 F1 races

While Christian Horner had indicated that Max Verstappen could get another extreme reaction from the fans in Mexico, the latter has, on several past occasions, made it known that he is not fussed by the fans’ reactions. Moreover, has even gone on to say that he only focuses on his job as an F1 driver.

Red Bull (Credits: Planet F1)
Max Verstappen (Credits: Planet F1)

Verstappen understands the demands of modern Formula 1 racing and thus has been doing a brilliant job since the dawn of the new regulations. His 2023 season has proved to be too mighty for his rivals so far, and during the remaining four races, he will be the favorite to triumph in the much-awaited events.

Max Verstappen is tipped by many as the driver to break Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton’s joint F1 titles record, and considering the might of Red Bull under the current era, he has a golden chance of adding a few more titles until 2026. Until that time, the three-time world champion has got the world at his feet.

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