Oscar Piastri claims McLaren is the second-fastest car on the grid behind Red Bull

McLaren have scored back to back podiums after the introduction of their 'B-spec' car.

Oscar Piastri claims McLaren is the second-fastest car on the grid behind Red Bull

Max Verstappen and Oscar Piastri (Credits: talkSport)

In a bold claim, Australian rookie Oscar Piastri has asserted that McLaren’s recent performance has propelled them to be the second-fastest car on the grid, trailing only behind Red Bull. This season’s surprise package, McLaren’s newfound speed, has been on full display since the British GP, with podium finishes and top-four positions galore.


McLaren’s 2023 season got off to a rocky start, with regulation changes affecting their initial design. However, their determination to bounce back led to the introduction the B-spec car at the Austrian GP, which marked a turning point in their campaign. Lando Norris‘s impressive fourth-place finish in Austria showcased the car’s potential, and their dominant performance at the British GP, with both a dream podium and fourth position, solidified their status as the second-best team on the grid currently.

Reflecting on McLaren’s recent results, Oscar Piastri confidently stated, “Really, the only car better than us was the Red Bull.” He emphasized the team’s consistent podium appearances at Silverstone and the Hungaroring, acknowledging the diverse challenges faced at different circuits. Piastri’s belief in McLaren’s competitiveness is further reinforced by their ability to secure top-five finishes, a testament to their progress consistently.

While Red Bull has been the undeniable frontrunner, winning every race of the season, the battle for the second-best car has been less clear-cut. Other teams like Aston Martin, Mercedes, and Ferrari have shown strength in certain races, but they failed to maintain momentum throughout the season. In contrast, McLaren’s recent performances have positioned them as the primary challenger to Red Bull’s supremacy.


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Oscar Piastri acknowledges there are things he needs to learn to win more trophies

McLaren's Oscar Piastri being challenged by Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes
McLaren being challenged by Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes (Credits: Sky Sports)

Although Piastri missed his first F1 podium in Hungary, he remains optimistic about the team’s potential. “We’ve got trophies waiting for us if we get it right,” he remarked, expressing his determination to achieve podium finishes consistently. However, he also humbly acknowledged that there are still things to learn, especially regarding tire management, which remains a critical aspect of F1 racing.

In Hungary, Piastri faced difficulties holding off Lewis Hamilton‘s late charge, settling for fifth place due to a damaged floor and worn-out tires. Despite the setback, he views such challenges as valuable learning opportunities, acknowledging that practical experience in races is essential for improvement. Piastri is committed to refining his skills through hard work and preparation to capitalize on the team’s competitiveness.

McLaren’s resurgence in the 2023 F1 season has been remarkable, with their newly designed B-spec car catapulting them to be the second-fastest team on the grid, only behind Red Bull. The Woking outfit currently stands sixth in the standings but has scored more points than the three teams ahead of them in the last two races. The upcoming weekends will reveal which team emerges as the second best and whether anyone can break Red Bull’s winning streak.


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