“P4 has never felt so good to be honest,” Lewis Hamilton “ecstatic” after securing unthinkable P4 for Canadian GP

Lewis Hamilton is over the moon after finishing P4 in Canada qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton after Saturday’s Qualifying has managed to land his W13 on the second row of the grid and the Brit is overjoyed about the result.

Lewis Hamilton’s P4 start is the best that the Brit has been able to manage this season and is going to be alongside Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz who came 3rd at the end of the Q3 session of qualifying.

During the post-qualifying interviews, Hamilton sounded very happy about starting at the front end of the grid and said, “I’m grateful for that position, that’s the best this year and it’s a bit overwhelming at the end afterward, I was like: oh my God this is a step forward for me.”

I feel amazing. So happy. P4… P4 has never felt so good to be honest. Maybe when I was like in my first year of racing in 2007 when I got my first P4 in quali. This kinda feels like that.”

Hamilton during his interview stressed the fact that P4 is his best this year and has admitted that at the end of the Q3 session was a bit overwhelmed because of where Mercedes has been all season.

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Lewis Hamilton: we did a lot of work overnight

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis and Mercedes to the surprise of many have struggled this season to put in performances and it has been down the package that they have got for 2022.

While reminiscing about what Mercedes has gone through this year, Hamilton said, “Because it has been a difficult year and so to go through what we were faced with today. It was difficult for everyone out there. So happy. Everyone is working so hard, and we are constantly faced with these challenges.”

We did a lot of work overnight and the car did feel… we went two different directions yesterday to try and get the information. George’s way was just better. So, the car didn’t feel great through the session, so I think tomorrow we should be in a much better position.”

Hamilton has admitted to the fact that the W13 was not where he wanted it to be after Friday practice and hence the team did a lot of work to get the package worthy of challenging the top 5. Moreover, after his P4 finished the Brit feels he is in a much better position than what he has found himself in recent races.

Lewis Hamilton on car setup ahead of qualifying, “We have a slightly different setup still for the race. Hopefully, we can stay in that position. With this car, you need everything and more to come together.”

I’d like to think that on this track you need rhythm and this car works on a different beat. It doesn’t work on the normal beat. That has been difficult to get used to. The rain made it much different. I did’t know if it would be the same in the dry.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

The veteran of the sport knows that during the race it is going to be difficult for Mercedes to get the better of Red Bull and Ferrari and believes that the best result for them would be to finish in P4.

The Canadian Grand Prix is just a few hours away and given that Hamilton is going to start the race in P4, there could be some must-see exciting battles that could be coming the way of the fans who will be trackside and also those who would be tuning in from all over the world.

Mercedes has got reasons to stay excited about the predicament as during the race there are chances of light drizzles and in the wet anything is possible. Yellow flags, Red Flags, the race has the potential of throwing curve balls that no one would see coming and this is what makes the Canadian GP a must-see event.

Will Lewis Hamilton be able to pull off a podium finish in Canada?

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