Philipp Eng: “Max Verstappen is just beautiful to watch”

Max Verstappen is leading the title race, after bagging five wins in the last six races.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen celebrating victory in Montreal

Max Verstappen is having a fantastic season, and he proved that once again, with a fantastic drive in Canada. The Dutchman has won 6 out of 9 races that have been held yet, and every time that he has finished, he has stood on the podium. In Canada, Verstappen held off Carlos Sainz, who he admitted ‘had more pace’ and fresher tires, but Verstappen always looked comfortable.

Fans called him ‘ice cold’. Helmut Marko showered praise on him for making the difference, and he has all-around been lauded for his mature drives this season. In the races, there is no doubt that he has been absolutely faultless, and even if there is much of the season to go, Verstappen looks in a very strong position to grab his second title.

Austrian Motorsport driver, Philipp Eng, who is currently competing in DTM, was especially impressed with Max Verstappen‘s performance in Montreal and overall during the course of the season, and as reported by GPBlog, spoke of him very highly.

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Philipp Eng: Max Verstappen will be the ‘deciding factor’

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen in Canada

Talking on Austrian live TV show ‘Sport and Talk from Hangar-7’ on ServusTV, Eng discussed Verstappen’s performance in Montreal and heaped praise on him of the highest order.

As a driver, it’s about being mentally strong. Nothing can take him off the right track. If you look at qualifying in Montreal. The track dried up and Max was incredible there.”

Every time he did a flying lap he was seven or eight tenths faster than second. In those situations you need confidence. It’s just beautiful to watch.”

With 13 Grands Prix to go, Red Bull are currently sitting 76 points ahead of Ferrari. On being asked if Red Bull were insurmountable and were going to run away with it, Eng did not think so.

“I think the same was said about Ferrari at the beginning of the season. They already had more than a 40 points lead. But the tide turned so quickly. But that’s also the beauty of today’s Formula 1.” implying that sometimes the competition is decided by the slimmest of margins, and sometimes, things can change very quickly if even one thing goes wrong.

In such a case, Eng thought that Max Verstappen will be the deciding factor in the championship:

“But Red Bull still has Max Verstappen. He can decide. Such quality in the driver can ultimately make the difference. I think it’s completely open. There is also the budget upper limit – in terms of development – who gets through it and who doesn’t? I wouldn’t commit myself to that.”

Last year in Silverstone, Max Verstappen had crashed out from the race at Copse while battling Lewis Hamilton, in a terrifying 51G crash. Certainly, he will be looking for revenge in Britain.

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