‘Please not another NFT thing’: F1 Twitter left bewildered by Alfa Romeo’s cryptic announcement teaser

Alfa Romeo have teased an impending announcement, and no one truly knows what is up: But fans do have suggestions.

Alfa Romeo F1 team
Alfa Romeo F1 team
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After Audi’s announcement of their 2026 entry into Formula 1, it was widely expected that they will partner with Sauber, even though there has not been any confirmation of the fact yet. There were definitely some coincidences, with Alfa Romeo announcing the end of their title sponsorship with Sauber only a few hours after Audi’s own announcement.

Sauber may have been taken over by Andretti as well, but the deal collapsed. But for now, they will have to do without a title sponsor, and they are confident on their chances regarding the same. As for the Audi deal, there finally may be a hint, even though it can be a variety of different things.

Taking to Twitter, the team said: “Announcement coming soon… stay tuned. 27.09.22” with the hashtag ‘KeepMakingHistory’. The announcement is very cryptic and doesn’t give much away. Even though Alfa Romeo and Sauber will part ways soon, they are still partners, and the announcement can be regarding either of them. Fans are just as confused.

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Audi? Zhou Guanyu extension? What are Alfa Romeo teasing?

Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur
Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur

There is widespread confusion over the nature of the intended announcement, and obviously, there is consensus, nor there is confirmation. However, some F1 Twitter users have made their own conclusions, but there a few popular ones among these:

Some users believe it might be NFTs that Alfa Romeo are announcing. NFTs aren’t very popular with the fans, as Pierre Gasly found out earlier this year.

This year’s rookie, Zhou Guanyu has performed admirably in the face of numerous mechanical failures, even if he has failed to match his vastly more experienced teammate, Valtteri Bottas. He scored points in his first race, and did so at the last Grand Prix, currently sitting at 6 points, and 17th in the table. Some believe the purpose of the teaser is a contract extension announcement.

There is of course an elephant in the room: Audi.

There were also some ‘eclectic’ and rather optimistic suggestions regarding the nature of the announcement:

We shall find out in 5 days what it truly is, and fans will wait will bated breath. The announcement of the Audi partnership will provoke unbridled joy, and the Zhou extension announcement is like to produce the same result, but perhaps a NFT collection might not do that.

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