Red Bull “not satisfied” with FIA clearing Aston Martin’s ‘copied’ upgrades

Red Bull have gave their reaction to FIA's statement about clearing Aston Martin's upgrades.

Many of the teams are bringing in new upgrades in the Spanish Grand Prix, and so are Aston Martin. But the upgrades they brought into their aerodynamics made them look an exact copy of the Red Bulls, which dubbed Aston Martin as “the green Red Bull.”

This is not the first time that the team has been accused of copying another team; in 2022, Racing Point was called the “pink Mercedes” for looking like a replica of the 2019 championship winning car. 

This time though, the team has been accused of copying Red Bull’s sidepod designs. 

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The FIA reviewed the car completely after the allegations. The reviews were under the article 17.3, which prohibits “reverse engineering.” When put in simple words, reverse engineering defines copying data from pictures or any other source of some team and then putting it into a CAD design; and prohibits IP transfers between the teams. 

However, at the same time, teams can have parts of their car inspired from other cars on the grid, which makes the sport more competitive. 

The FIA investigated the car and declared it legal, and according to them, the car follows all regulations and all the upgrades are legal.

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Red Bull noted FIA’s statement “with interest”

Red Bull's RB18
Red Bull’s RB18

After F1’s governing body released their statement, which announced the upgrades on Aston Martin to be legal, Red Bull said that they have noted the statement “with interest.”

“While imitation is the greatest form of flattery, any replication of design would obviously need to comply with the FIA’s rules around ‘Reverse Engineering’,” Autosport quoted Red Bull. 

“However, should any transfer of IP have taken place that would clearly be a breach of regulations and would be a serious concern.”

Red Bull are “not satisfied” with FIA’s decision, as they still believe that Aston Martin completely copied their aerodynamics. The entire Red Bull pitwall was seen using green coloured Red Bull cans, apparently to mock the green coloured Aston Martins. 

Red Bull still expect a change in the decision from FIA even after their final statement. 

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have made Red Bull stand 2nd in the constructor’s until now, with 151 points, meanwhile Aston Martin stand 9th with 6 points.

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