Stefano Domenicali reveals Max Verstappen’s similarities with Michael Schumacher

Max Verstappen won a staggering title in 2023, with 19 wins and 21 podiums, breaking numerous records.

Stefano Domenicali reveals Max Verstappen’s similarities with Michael Schumacher

Max Verstappen and Stefano Domenicali (Via IMAGO)

Max Verstappen has brought unprecedented levels of dominance and perfection to the sport of Formula 1. Verstappen won with record-breaking numbers in 2023, following two consecutive titles after Red Bull finally caught up to the front of the field in 2021.


The Dutchman’s ruthlessness has been a staple of his driving style since his entry into the sport in 2015, progressing into his current level of talent. Verstappen’s incredible performance has seen him compared to legends of the sport such as Ayrton Senna. The newest comparison was drawn by F1 Group CEO Stefano Domenicali, who claimed Verstappen’s driving maturity was like that of Michael Schumacher, comparing their attitudes to driving.

Our sport is always characterised by cycles that are linked by a combination of a very strong car and an exceptional driver. In Max Verstappen, we have a driver who is mature. He reminds me of Michael Schumacher because he gives nothing to any rival.
Stefano Domenicali said, as reported by PlanetF1.

Coincidentally, Michael Schumacher suffered an accident in 2013, exactly a decade ago today. In light of this, Schumacher’s brother and close friend Jean Todt have given updates on the 54-year-old German’s state as he recovers from the skiing accident.

Christian Horner highlights Max Verstappen’s contribution to the Red Bull team

Max Verstappen has been a member of the Red Bull family since his karting years, progressing to the top tier of motorsport with their junior team Toro Rosso before joining the main squad shortly after. Verstappen has since worked with team principal Christian Horner closely to further his career.

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen
Christian Horner and Max Verstappen

The Dutch triple champion led Red Bull’s title charges in the past three years, winning both Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships in the past two seasons. Horner reflected on Verstappen’s outlook towards racing and how it benefits the team greatly, commending his relentless for performance.

He [Verstappen] doesn't leave anything on the table, and he wants it all. That drives and motivates the team internally and he is relentless in terms of his pursuit of performance.
Christian Horner said in an interview with RacingNews365.

Max Verstappen had scored an astonishing 575 points across the 2023 season in a season so dominant that he could have claimed the Constructors’ title with his points alone. Verstappen won 19/22 races in 2023, a record-breaking tally for him.

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