“The car is set up way too hard,” Former F1 driver has criticised Toto Wolff for Mercedes “recurring” issues

Former F1 driver of problems with the W13 during the 2022 F1 season.

Christian and Toto
Christian and Toto

Toto Wolff the Mercedes team Principal was a happy man during the Canadian Grand Prix as his drivers brought home a 3-4 place finish for the team. However, according to former F1 driver Christian Danner, Mercedes still has a lot of gremlins on their W13.

Mercedes, this season has been nowhere near the performance that Ferrari and Red Bull have got out of their cars and thus has been stuck in third place.

The Brackley-based team has only been able to deliver at circuits like Barcelona and more recently during the Canadian Grand Prix. Otherwise, they have been way below par and this is not what is expected of a team who made winning a habit during the turbo-hybrid era of Formula One.

Danner who has done a fair share of racing during his racing days has come out and said,I really appreciate Toto. He has won enough titles in the last few years. But please, who set the car up like this? It’s the team that does it.”

Toto Wolff on the Mercedes W13

Danner has rightly pointed to the fact that where was Toto when the car was being put together for the season and if he was there why didn’t he act immediately to solve the problems on the W13.

Toto Wolff’s Mercedes is still not on top of all its issues


After Mercedes’s successful outing during the Canadian Grand Prix Toto Wolff boldly indicated that they have got on top of the porpoising issue whereas there were still a lot of people who were skeptical about the German’s comments.

Porpoising is just one problem, this year Mercedes has got many problems with the W13 and Danner believes, “The car is just set up way too hard, that’s the problem.”

The German racing driver feels the car is too stiff this year and as a result, Lewis and Co. haven’t been able to extract the kind of performance they were extracting during previous years.

George Russell (L) and Lewis Hamilton (R)
George and Lewis

Given what Danner has said about Mercedes, people are going to have a keen on them in Britain as it also happens to be the home race for both their star drivers.

Will Mercedes be able to extend their good run during the British Grand Prix?

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