‘The goal is to win the championship’: Charles Leclerc still optimistic about his title hopes

Charles Leclerc aims to catch Max Verstappen by the end of this "important" month.

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc after a fantastic start to the 2022 season, has not won a single race since Miami, he lost his 46 points lead to Max Verstappen and is now 49 points behind him, behind third on the Championship table.  After the Fiasco Ferrari suffered in the last few races Leclerc still has his hopes high for the Title in the 2022 season.

Formula 1 in 2022 is moving on for the tenth round of the season, in Silverstone, Ferrari and Charles are incoming for the weekend to regain the lost lead for the championship and get things on equal terms with the Red Bull guys. Silverstone is an important track for the Italian team to mark a comeback if they want to this season.

Charles gave his opinion on the title fight which was really very optimistic, “It will take time. But in the meantime, we just need to focus on the job we have to do on track and again, very confident that if we do everything perfect on track, we have the car and we have the people inside the team for us to win races and to win the championship, because ultimately, that’s the goal,” said Charles.

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Charles Leclerc needs to catch up with Max Verstappen starting this important weekend

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc
Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc understands the importance of the upcoming weekends, that might stop the halt of their title battle. With 2 more races before the Summer break, Ferrari will bring out their best to finish the first help in a strong zone.

“Obviously it’s quite a very important month before the summer break, we are quite far behind of the drivers championship and we want to catch back up. These next few races will be very important starting from here and hopefully we can have a clean weekend, that hasn’t happened since Miami with penalties and all the issues that we’ve had so I’m looking forward to this weekend”, Charles Leclerc concluded the interview with a positive note in his bag. 

Ferrari now needs to dominate most of the races if they want a clear fighting chance against the Red Bull, they would also hope for luck to play the part if they want to cover the 76 points gap to the top spot.

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