“They analyze what happened,” Laurent Mekies praises Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz for their emotional control

Ferrari Sporting director withholds Ferrari drivers for the emotional security they have had all around the ups and downs this season and praised it.

Laurent Mekies
Ferrari racing director Laurent Mekies
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Ferrari Sporting Director, Laurent Mekies, has kept his head up over the criticism his team and drivers had to suffer in the recent course of their actions. Ferrari came up with a race winning and probably a championship winning car this season. The stage was set to bring the title back in Maranello after Ferrari won rather dominated the first two of the three races. They created a gap to Red Bull which looked impressive to even touch in the later half of the season. Red Bull answered back dominating rest of the season winning 9 of the 13 races.

Ferrari gave away a winning season just in mere of 5 races, two done by their reliability the rest three because of their poor strategy. But it was not all the mistakes done by the team, drivers also had a good part to play in all the lost points. Fans and critics targeted the drivers over the course of the season on their mistakes. The latest one being Charles Leclerc‘s crash in France that logically rules him out of the title race after Max won it later on. That crash saw a different Charles with all the frustration he had to carry after the race to an interview. He blamed all it on himself that made the fans think it otherwise. Fans blamed Charles for being too immature after the crash with his fault on the table.

Laurent Mekies thinks otherwise, “I would not say that Leclerc is a little more emotional than Sainz. Both of these guys have had ups and downs, the latter very painful, this season and in both cases, when they go back to the garage – once they analyze what happened through the data as well – they are able to reset everything and put themselves in learning mode. in a quarter of an hour,” Ferrari Sports director said.

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Laurent Mekies differentiates the radio and real life reaction of the drivers

Charles Leclerc & Laurent Mekies
Charles Leclerc & Laurent Mekies

Usually after a crash, drivers seems to give out their live expressions over the radio with different ways of taking out their frustration. But people take it otherwise making our different theories out of the blue. Laurent Mekies makes a difference on the real life reactions of a driver after the crash.

“You have to distinguish what you listen to on the radio during the race with the heat of the moment, from the rest. They are two different things. When they get out of the car and analyze everything, after an hour they no longer have negative emotions and are even more motivated,” said Laurent.

Ferrari are more or less out of the title contention with Red Bull having a lead of 100 points and Charles Leclerc losing out to Max Verstappen with a gap of 80 points.

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