Tom Cruise backs Lewis Hamilton to be an actor: “He can accomplish anything with that kind of focus and passion”

Tom Cruise admires Lewis Hamilton for his passion and believes he can even be an actor if wishes to

Lewis Hamilton and Tom Cruise
Lewis Hamilton and Tom Cruise

Lewis Hamilton is one of the best of all times when we talked about Formula 1. The Briton has seven world championships to his name and has not showed any signs of slowing down. But the journey to the top has been full of bumps and full of sacrifices too. Lewis Hamilton, in one of his interviews, revealed the level of the racism he had to go through being a black driver in essentially a white man’s sport.

Despite all of that, he has taken everything gracefully in his stride and kept his head while he quietly went about his business. We also know that ever since his entry, he has been vocal about everything that he has believed in and stood up for the right thing without thinking twice about the consequences. This speaks volumes about the person and driver he has been throughout the length of his career.

We saw a glimpse of the same grit and determination in yesterday’s Spanish Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton was forced into an early pit stop after a collision with Kevin Magnussen leaving him at the end of the grid. But, he didn’t lose hope and dashed through the field to secure P5. That could easily have been P4 if he didn’t have to deal with the overheating issues which could have forced him to retire.

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Tom Cruise admires Lewis Hamilton for his passion and believes he can even be an actor

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Tom Cruise has always been a fan of this same determination of Lewis Hamilton and has been supportive of him becoming an actor despite Lewis Hamilton rejecting Top Gun back in the day.

Tom said, “Lewis in terms of acting.. you know anyone with that kind of focus and passion who wants to act and I know he’s a he can accomplish anything.”

You focus your mind on something & you can accomplish anything.”

We know that Lewis Hamilton has always identified as more than a driver and also has expressed his desire to act. With Tom Cruise publicly backing him, it looks like a real possibility.

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