“He was burned last year,” Toto Wolff SLAMS Guenther Steiner and Haas for failing to unlock Mick Schumacher’s potential

Mick Schumacher's treatment at Haas has been frequently criticized by Toto Wolff, who admires the German star.

“He was burned last year,” Toto Wolff SLAMS Guenther Steiner and Haas for failing to unlock Mick Schumacher’s potential

Toto Wolff, Mick Schumacher and Guenther Steiner(Credits: The Mirror and The Guardian)

Following his departure from Haas for the 2023 season, Mick Schumacher, former F2 champion, has joined Mercedes as their reserve driver. In his new role, Schumacher contributes to the team by working in their simulator during race weekends, focusing on enhancing the setup of the Mercedes W14 car. Toto Wolff, who has taken the young German under his wing, has scrutinized Guenther Steiner and Haas for how they treated him.

Speaking to Motorsport Week, the Mercedes team boss was in high praise of young Schumacher. He emphasized that he was trying his very best to put Schumacher in a car for the 2024 season, albeit with certain entities countering with negative arguments. He also said he was “burned” by Guenther Steiner and Haas, who failed to unlock his latent potential.

Toto Wolff said, “I’m not even sure that we can facilitate [a seat], because every time we speak highly of him, somebody feels to say something negative. Wherever I can speak highly and praise Mick, that’s what I’m doing. I think teams are missing out, to be honest. I think he was burned last year. You need to give and provide an environment that is different to every driver, all different human beings. And whoever gets him will have a very good pilot.”

Wolff has thus criticized the environment surrounding Schumacher provided by Guenther Steiner. Wolff also ardently praised Schumacher’s simulator work and has assured that should any unfortunate circumstance befall their main driver lineup, the young German would be put into the seat without any hesitation whatsoever.

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Mick Schumacher is ready to drive for Mercedes if it is a necessity

Mick Schumacher (Credits: Mercedes AMG Petronas)
Mick Schumacher (Credits: Mercedes AMG Petronas)

Despite being restricted to being a spectator on the sidelines in 2023, under the mentorship of Toto Wolff, Mick Schumacher plays an active role at Mercedes. Earlier, Schumacher returned to the cockpit of a Formula 1 car during a Pirelli tire test held in Barcelona. This marked his first on-track appearance since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix of the previous year.

Toto Wolff is in high praise of Schumacher. He said, “It’s great to have a mature, successful and mature Formula 1 driver supporting us. In the sim with his feedback, that is a tremendous advantage, in some of the European grands prix, having him in the simulator overnight and providing data for the Saturday is a super advantage for us.”

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding his future for 2024 as he targets a return to being behind the wheel of an F1 car. It will be exciting to see how this saga unfolds, as he is undoubtedly a driver with tons of untapped potential, giving 100% for whomever he drives for.

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