Watch: Carlos Sainz has an endearing reaction as the Ferrari driver picks himself for F1 Secret Santa

Watch: Carlos Sainz has an endearing reaction as the Ferrari driver picks himself for F1 Secret Santa

Carlos Sainz gives an adorable reaction while picking himself for F1 Secret Santa

Carlos Sainz is one of the most exciting talents in Formula 1. The Spaniard even won his maiden F1 race this year at the British Grand Prix. The 28-year-old is loved by fans, especially for his wholesome relationship with former teammate Lando Norris. Referred to as ‘Carlando’ by the viewers. As the Christmas season came around, Sainz’s followers were treated to another delight after the Ferrari driver took part in the F1 Secret Santa.


For the F1 Grid Secret Santa, all drivers were given the opportunity to pick out a name at random. Each driver would then be responsible for giving a gift to the name they picked out. When it was Carlos Sainz’s turn to pick out the name, the Spaniard ended up getting his name! This was of course met by an excited Sainz, who was perhaps amused by getting the chance to gift himself what he truly wanted.

Carlos Sainz became a race winner in F1 this year

As Carlos got a big smile came on his face as soon as he read the paper. When asked by the F1 crew, Sainz simply stated, “I’m gonna show you.” The Spaniard then proceeded to zoom in on the chit, depicting the words, ‘Carlos Sainz.’ This coincidence certainly surprised the crew. Sainz’s face was adorable as he pleaded to have himself as his Secret Santa. The 28-year-old requested, “Please let me keep it?” However, Carlos had to pick another chit in return.

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Carlos Sainz gets a jumper by Pierre Gasly for F1 Secret Santa

Pierre Gasly was the Secret Santa for Carlos this year

After this hilarious incident, Carlos Sainz got to be the Secret Santa for Valtteri Bottas. Sainz gave a humorous present to the Alfa Romeo driver, a Minion cycling kit. Bottas appreciated the gift, as the Finn loves to ride his bicycle. Valtteri guessed Sainz as his Secret Santa, referring to the Spaniard as “Somebody with tastes of like funky things like that.” Albeit it took Bottas three attempts to guess Sainz.

Carlos Sainz on the other hand got Pierre Gasly as his Secret Santa. Carlos did not take long to guess the name of the Frenchman. As Gasly decided to gift Carlos a blue jumper for Christmas, from the clothing division of his soon-to-be ex-employer, Alpha Tauri. Sainz appreciated this gesture and talked about wearing it soon. Carlos went on to thank Pierre for this comforting present.

It seems that Carlos Sainz might have loved the opportunity to give himself a present. Perhaps the Spaniard thought of it again after receiving a jumper from Pierre. A present like that may not be the most thoughtful gift out there. Sadly for Carlos, even in a friendly activity like Secret Santa, rules are rules, and to be fair, receiving a gift from a friend is much more fun than buying yourself a present of your own.

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