Why does Lewis Hamilton not take part in F1’s Secret Santa?

Lewis Hamilton last appeared in secret santa in five years ago.

Why does Lewis Hamilton not take part in F1’s Secret Santa?

Lewis Hamilton gives the F1 Secret Santa a miss again this year

Lewis Hamilton is arguably the biggest name in Formula 1. The 37-year-old has garnered 7 F1 world titles and has shattered tons of records. Hamilton is a popular personality even among celebrities, making regular visits to his friends in Hollywood. The Brit has friendly relations with drivers like Sebastian Vettel. Rivals too respect Hamilton. Thus, it came as a surprise when Lewis was not part of the F1 Grid Secret Santa.

Formula 1 conducts an annual Secret Santa affair. Where each driver must get a gift for the driver they have been selected for. Fans always look forward to this event the second we get into the Christmas season. It is a delight to see the true reactions, the joy, and sometimes the disappointment on their faces. However even this year, Lewis Hamilton was not part of the festivities.

Hamilton is a regular participator in the Grill The Grid video series but tends to avoid being a Secret Santa. This could be credited to the Brit’s unwillingness to indulge in a rather friendly activity. Despite being an all-time great of the sport, Hamilton is still more of a reserved personality compared to his peers. Albeit Lewis did bring together the whole grid for a farewell dinner for Sebastian Vettel. It is speculated that the 37-year-old does not want to end up gifting someone he’s not close with.

Lewis Hamilton last appeared in Secret Santa in 2017

They say that it gets lonely at the top. Perhaps that is the case with Hamilton. The Mercedes driver only has a handful of friends on the grid, including Sebastian Vettel and teammate George Russell. Lewis Hamilton is argued to be someone not interested in such a wholesome activity and rather likes to keep his focus on the racing itself. As such, the Brit has not participated in any of the recent F1 grid Secret Santas.

Lewis might not be a social butterfly of the paddock but he was successful in bringing all the drivers together for Vettel’s farewell dinner

However, that is not to say that Lewis Hamilton is completely away from Christmas spirits. The 37-year-old did partake in Secret Santa in 2017. When current Scuderia Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz gifted the Brit a Christmas dog outfit along with a bling food bowl for Hamilton’s beloved companion Roscoe. Lewis, in turn, had gifted former F1 driver Felipe Massa with a pair of shoes, a smoking pipe, and a manual for pensioners. Which does show that he did enjoy it back then.

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