WATCH: Tïesto, an international DJ from Max Verstappen’s country, applauds Lewis Hamilton’s style: ‘He’s a class sportsman’

Tïesto, the Dutch DJ, applauded Lewis Hamilton for his fashion sense during his interview at the Las Vegas GP.

WATCH: Tïesto, an international DJ from Max Verstappen’s country, applauds Lewis Hamilton’s style: ‘He’s a class sportsman’

As the Red carpets for the Las Vegas GP rolled out, celebrities from different fields filed in for the massive event at the entertainment hub of America. There were Hollywood A-listers, Olympic gold-winning athletes, Michelin-star rated Chefs, YouTubers with millions of subscribers as well as several musicians and DJs. Pop sensation Justin Bieber waved the chequered flag at the finish line while it was ‘Ferrari’ movie actor Patrick Dempsey, recently crowned the Sexiest Man in 2023 by People’s Magazine, who gave away the pole position award to Charles Leclerc.


Overall, the Las Vegas GP paddock seemed to be a galaxy with stars like Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyongo, Paris Hilton, and others gracing the event. Tïesto, the international DJ who hails from the Netherlands was also there in one of his classic monochrome outfits. The ‘Godfather of EDM’ donned a silver neck chain that made his interviewer Martin Brundle comment that Lewis Hamilton would “be jealous” to see all the jwelery pieces on Tïesto.

The Dutchman quipped at Martin Brundle’s remark about the chain around his neck being just what Lewis would like. He then launched into praising the Mercedes racer’s fashion sense, as seen in a video released by SkySports F1.

He has great style, you know? He's a class sportsman! I really like Lewis.

Tïesto was one of the many acts that made the opening ceremony for the Las Vegas GP wildly successful

The Las Vegas GP has been the FIA’s dream to enter into the US market with Formula 1 for a long time. To realise their vision, F1’s parent company Liberty Media pooled about $500 million to build an event that surpassed the Superbowl which is regarded as the greatest American sporting event. And to live up to the hype, the opening ceremony for the Vegas race had a star-studded line-up that consisted of J Balvin, Bishop Briggs, Tïesto, and even Oscar-winning artist John Legend.

Bishop Briggs performing at the Las Vegas GP opening ceremony (via Twitter)

During the opening ceremony, the twenty racers of the different F1 teams were introduced to the audience. They had a Hunger Games-style entry which Max Verstappen later touted as a ‘clown show’. But later on, the fans took to their social media accounts and announced that they loved all the performances at the Las Vegas GP opening ceremony. Some of them even voted Bishop Briggs’ act to be the best.

In other news, the race on the famed Vegas Strip saw Max Verstappen defying all odds to win the top spot after driving at the 11th spot for a while. Even though it was Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc who had seemed strong throughout the Practice Sessions as well as Qualifying, the Monegasque accepted defeat to Max as the Red Bull RB-19 soared to the finish line ahead of his scarlet SF-23.

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