“We are ready to strike back,” Mattia Binotto filled with optimism after Carlos Sainz’s performance in Canada GP

Mattia Binotto thinks Carlos' first win isn't far off after the performance in Canada.

Carlos Sainz and Mattia Binotto
Carlos Sainz and Mattia Binotto

Mattia Binotto was pleased with the P2 finish Carlos Sainz managed in the Montreal circuit, Carlos gave a tough fight to Max Verstappen and had opportunities to pass the Red Bull a few times but failed. However, the pressure he implanted on the championship leader was immense and will give him confidence after a few heartbreaking performances. 

Carlos has been on the run for his first victory and pole, he got close to it on many occasions but ended up in P2 every time. He hasn’t had the season he hoped for at the start of the season, he is not in deep contention for the Championship. With 3 DNF to his name, we have witnessed the 55 number F1-75 in the gravel quite often, and also have suffered from the reliability issues with the Ferrari’s engine.

All of those events pricked confidence in the Spaniard,  but Mattia hopes the things to turn now. “I have seen bright spots. Carlos drove his best race so far, was able to threaten Verstappen and that gives confidence. We are ready to strike back”, Binotto tells the NOS.

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When will we witness Carlos Sainz’s first win?

Carlos Sainz
Ferrari on the circuit of Montreal.

Carlos has been close to his win a lot of times but has never managed to grab it until now. He lost to Pierre Gasly in Monza 2020 from the minimal gap of 4 tenths. Monaco 2022 was another occasion where he almost managed to get the Red Bull of Sergio Perez but failed to cross it and ended up with yet another P2. 

But Mattia feels Carlos is ready for his first win and it’s much closer than he expects, “Carlos is growing and is ready for his first Grand Prix victory. He’s getting better each race and is fueling confidence.” Binotto added some confident words.

He also speaks about the championship battle Carlos’s performance could help the team with, That is also important for us. We are counting on him in the title fight.” he also woes over Canada’s finish and thinks Carlos could have won from pole, “It’s a shame that he let it slip in qualifying. From pole position he could have kept Verstappen behind him”, Binotto says.

Carlos is P5 in the championship table behind George Russell in a Mercedes, he is not out of the title fight yet but needs some solid performance in all races now. 

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