“We could have got a good result,” George Russell disappointed with forced DNF at Silverstone

George Russell believes that the team could have scored more if he was not forced to retire from Silverstone

George Russell calling out help for Zhou Guanyu
George Russell calling out help for Zhou Guanyu
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The start of this year’s British Grand Prix was as chaotic as it could get. George Russell started the race 8th on the grid, and it looked as if he was to maintain his top  5 streak after Hamilton made a 2-car overtake the moment the lights went off, Max Verstappen overtook Carlos Sainz for the lead of the race, and Hamilton went on P2; but there was something else happening at the back of the grid. Pierre Gasly tried to follow up Nicholas Latifi after lights out, and in the process, he made contact with George Russell and that, in turn, made Russell’s contact with Zhou Guanyu. 

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This led to a horrific crash which saw the Alfa Romeo of Zhou turn upside down, crash, and go beyond the tyre boundary. This was scary for everyone, even on the grid, including George Russell, who had made contact with the Chinese, rushed out of his car to make sure if Zhou was okay. It took an awful lot of time to get him out of the car, as there was very little space, but he was successfully taken out, and soon enough, it was found out that he was perfectly okay. 

The race had ended for him, but at the same time, it also had ended for Russell, as his car had stopped for a very long time, in which case, drivers are usually declared to be DNFd. 

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George Russell was unsatisfied with the FIA

George Russell returning to his abandoned, broken W13
George Russell returning to his abandoned, broken W13

After Russell’s car was seen being taken away on the truck, he was talking to one of the officials, explaining why he was out of the car, and as we saw, he rushed out of his car only to check upon Zhou’s condition. “It was just a natural reaction to do that after seeing such a horrific incident. At the time I thought the race was over for me but it wasn’t. We could have restarted and got a good result,” Russell said.

As Sports Illustrated quoted Russell, he said that by the time he came back to sit in his car and drive back to the pits (due to the red flag), his car was already on the truck being taken away. 

He ended up scoring no points, and therefore, also breaking his top 5 streak, which he had maintained since the start of the season. His teammate, Lewis Hamilton had a fantastic drive, battling Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez, which saw him gain another podium on the third place. 

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