“We have to…respect the individuality of each driver”: Lewis Hamilton finds a surprising ally in Helmut Marko of Red Bull

Red Bull advisor has offered Lewis Hamilton his support in the Briton's feud against the FIA as they have prohibited him from wearing any jewellery or piercings during his races.

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The sport of F1 has always been one with many surprises here and there! Sportsmanship, camaraderie and support amongst the drivers who race for rival teams has been one of the striking features of Formula 1 since forever. We have seen instances where the entire grid had been praying for Romain Grosjean‘s recovery after the Frenchman suffered a terrible accident in 2020, when he drove for Haas.

And now, recent reports have come out that Red Bull Team Advisor Dr. Helmut Marko has spoken in support for Lewis Hamilton, after the Briton received seemingly illogical commands from the FIA to remove all his jewellery and piercings before the races.

As Lewis has always been regarded as one of the undisputed legends of Formula 1 as he has equalled Michael Schumacher’s feat of winning seven World Championships in F1. But in the new 2022 season, with the end of the turbo-hybrid era, it seems that Mercedes’ supremacy has come to an end, and with it, Lewis’ purple patch has also ended. And on top of that, the Briton has also received warnings from the FIA regarding wearing jewellery to the races, and Red Bull’s Helmut Marko thinks they have gone too far.

Helmut Marko thinks FIA’s ruling on Lewis Hamilton wearing jewellery in the races is ridiculous

Helmut Marko and Lewis Hamilton
Helmut Marko and Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton has always been regarded as one of the most fashionable drivers on the grid, and up until now, he has proudly shown off his jewellery and piercings because he is confident about them. But the FIA, after the change of their leadership, have been fixated upon making it a point to prohibit any driver from wearing any jewellery or piercings during their race.

Hamilton has condemned the FIA for worrying about such a trivial thing as wearing jewellery during the race, while they should focus on driver safety and other such issues. Hamilton has received support from many others regarding this, and his most recent ally is none other than Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko.

While speaking about this, Helmut Marko said, ”I think they are going too far. This should be a personal decision of the driver. As long as Hamilton has been driving in F1, as long as he has been wearing all this jewelry. Why did they suddenly come up with this issue!

He further said, ”I think we have enough other things to worry about. We have to accept and respect the individuality of each driver.” The Austrian Red Bull executive even said ”Yes, I do“, when asked if he supports Lewis in this matter.

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