“We have to see if and when a junior can promote,” Jos Capito hints towards signing Logan Sargeant over Nyck De Vries

Williams big wig Jos Capito has hinted towards American driver Logan Sargeant joining the team next year to replace Nicolas Latifi.

Williams F1 team boss Jos Capito and Logan Sargeant
Jos Capito and Logan Sargeant

Claire Williams cut a deal with US based firm Dorilton Capital where they became the new owners of the team a few years back. With Logan Sargeant being an American driver and in the market for next year, it is no doubt that Jos Capito will be pushing to bring the young driver up F1. The Formula 2 driver is currently a part of the Williams Junior Driver academy which has further boosted his chances of getting a seat for next year.

With the release of Drive to Survive on Netflix, US has proved to become a major market for F1. Although there is an American F1 team in the sport, there isn’t any American driver. This is where Logan Sargeant comes into play. With Dorilton also being American, they have their prime candidate in front of then. With 3 races happening in the states next season ( Austin, Miami, Las Vegas) the marketing ability and sponsors that the driver could bring is a thought that must have surely crossed their mind.

With Nyck De Vries substituting for Alex Albon in the last race, he did look like he was a prime candidate for the empty Williams seat. Although Jos Capito thinks otherwise and gave an explanation where he hinted that Logan Sargeant would take up the remaining seat for 2023. With a fresh new investment coming from Dorilton Capital, the team doesn’t need to worry about money anymore which had resulted in Latifi’s departure.

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“It’s not that simple,” Jos Capito on the Williams F1 2023 seat situation with Nyck De Vries and Logan Sargeant

Williams DA Logan Sargeant
Logan Sargeant

The Williams boss further went on to explain the situation from his point of view. “We are training young drivers and have to see if and when a junior can promote.” In doing so, Jos Capito said that the decision has long since ceased to be about money.
“It’s not that simple,” he says. He reiterated that there is a need for an American F1 driver in the sport but that isn’t the only objective . “Such a driver has to perform well and that has been lacking in the past,” Jos continued.

The decision over who will get the 2023 Williams seat will be made known in the coming weeks. For now Logan Sargeant seems to be the prime candidate for the job and would do a great job as Alex Albon’s teammate. Although silly season is still going on so there are literally no guarantees of who will end up where. Williams, Haas and Alpine are the three teams that have a seat up for grabs. The drama will continue as usual.

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