“We haven’t improved in these 5 races,” Lewis Hamilton after yet another frustrating weekend in Miami

Lewis Hamilton seems frustrated after another unsatisfactory performance in the Miami Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton at the press conference for the Miami Grand Prix 2021

The seven time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton recently shared his troubles regarding the Mercedes W13, in which he has revealed that the car hasn’t improved even in 5 races and carries the same pace it did. 

“We’re the same speed as we were in the first race and we just haven’t improved in these five races.

“But I’m hopeful at some stage we will. We just have to keep trying and keep working hard,” said Hamilton, as quoted by SkySports

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The main problem being faced by the silver arrows as of now is the porpoising, or the bouncing of the car due to ground effect on straights. This is an issue that is apparently not showing up on Mercedes’ simulations. To avoid this, the team principal, Toto Wolff was asked if the team is planning to return to the previous design of the car, which was used in Barcelona pre-season testing in 2022, which was perhaps, a significantly better car. 

Post the Miami race, Wolff said that the car was “significantly slower on paper,” and that they (Mercedes) need to find a way to make their current cars predictably better for the drivers. 

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George Russell keeping faith in the Mercedes W13

Mercedes cars in action in Miami GP
Mercedes cars in action at the Miami GP

Although there has been much speculation, George Russell still believes that W13 is working fine and well, contrary to Hamilton. 

Russell has outperformed Hamilton in a spectacular way in almost all the races. Even after not making it to Q3 during qualifying, Russell managed to finish 5th, scoring 10 points in the Miami Grand Prix. 

“We showed on Friday we have a fast car, there is a fast car there and I have total faith and confidence it is in there somewhere and we just need to understand how to unlock it,” Russell told SkySports.

As we move into the 6th round of this year’s championship, most of the teams are bringing in upgrades in their car, and Mercedes are still a little sketchy about if they would use the previous car design for the rest of the season. 

As of now, Mercedes stand 3rd in the championship with 95 points, ahead of McLaren with 46 points. 

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