“We’re not the quickest”: Max Verstappen remains wary of Ferrari threat

Last year's Formula 1 Champion Max Verstappen says his team at the Red Bull garage still "needs to improve" after noticing Ferrari was faster during the Canadian Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

After the Canadian Grand Prix where Carlos Sainz chased reigning World Champion Max Verstappen’s RB-18 with ruthless speed, the Dutchman has realised that the Ferrari F1-75 has superior pace as compared to his Red Bull ride. Although, in the end, Max Verstappen maintained his race lead against all odds and snatched a sixth race victory in the nine rounds of the F1 Championship that have happened till now, he is wary of the speed Carlos displayed last weekend in Montreal.

As of now, Max stands at the top of the points table, with a gap of 46 points between him and his teammate Sergio Perez who is in the second spot. The weekend in Canada had seemed to be a particularly easy one for Verstappen as his main rival from Ferrari–Charles Leclerc–was down in the twentieth position after a grid penalty.But during the course of the race, Leclerc’s Scuderia teammate Carlos Sainz proved to be a formidable rival who posed a problem for Verstappen as the Dutch was targeting a race win.

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Max Verstappen remains wary of Ferrari’s pace after Carlos Sainz hounded him at the Canadian GP

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

After nine Grands Prix in the F1 2022 season, the statistics show that Charles Leclerc has won only two races till now and out of the rest of the seven races, Sergio Perez has won one and Max Verstappen has attained victory in all of the remaining six. At a quick glance, it would seem that Red Bull has an undeniably greater speed than Ferrari at this point, but Max Verstappen would beg to differ on that.

According to the current Championship leader, Ferrari displayed some serious pace in their F1-75 when Carlos Sainz went ahead to hound Max Verstappen for the last 20 laps in the Canadian Grand Prix. The Red Bull racer commented, “It’s still a very long way and I know the gap of course is quite big, but I also know that it can switch around very quickly.”

I mean, race three I was 46 behind, so we just need to stay calm, we need to focus, we need to improve, because today [Sunday] we’re not the quickest.

He further said, “It swings a bit, like last weekend [at said it looked good in the race, now it didn’t look as good but we still managed to win and that I think is also a quality and we just have to work together with the whole team you know to try and just find little improvements in the car.

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