“We’ve got to work hard,” Mike Elliott remains grounded despite improved Mercedes performance in Montreal

Mike Elliott takes a more realistic approach even after Lewis Hamilton's podium in Canada

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Canadian GP was a breath of fresh air for Mike Elliott and Mercedes who have been struggling throughout the season. It’s been a case of a step forward and then two steps in the opposite direction. There have been circuits like Spain which has given Mercedes fans to cheer about and a sense of hope that recovery from what seems like a hopeless position is possible. But that is again deflated after seeing performances in Monaco.

It’s pretty well documented that W-13 is not a perfect fit to adapt to different tracks posing different challenges. The ‘porpoising’ has been a cause of concern from the get go and the German manufacturer and Mike Elliott haven’t had an answer to that problem. Lewis Hamilton, in particular, has not been able to get on top of the car for him to be able to unleash his full potential.

But, there were a lot of positive signs for Mercedes in Canada as they secured a P3 and P4 finish. We know that the team needed a bit of help from Ferrari and Red Bull and also a lot of help from the FIA in order to achieve that but, nevertheless, they’ll take it. It gives them a platform to build on and try to close the deficit with the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari, who have been head and shoulders above them.

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Mike Elliott takes a more realistic approach even after Lewis Hamilton’s podium in Canada

Mike Elliott and Lewis Hamilton
Mike Elliott and Lewis Hamilton

Despite their great performance, Mike Elliott has decided to keep his feet on the ground. The technical director of Mercedes in an honest interview said, ”As a team we are realistic with ourselves. Leclerc wasn’t there and and Perez wasn’t there and we were sort of not gifted that place, because we deserved it, but we would’ve finished fifth and sixth if they would have been in the running.”

“What’s really nice is to see a bit more pace from the car on Sunday and to find some direction. I think we are really starting to understand our issues now and are making steps forward as a result.

“We remain realistic, we’ve got to work hard. We have to turn that into parts to make the car quicker,” as reported by gpblog.

Mike Elliott’s approach is understandable as it’s important for Mercedes to stay focused on the races ahead of them or Canadian GP could become a one-off in the bigger scheme of things.

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