Williams not inclined towards gambling with car development: “The house normally wins”

Williams sit plum last at the bottom of the constructor standings, with only 3 points to their name. Despite this, Dave Robson thinks aggressive development is not the way to go.

Dave Robson and Williams
Dave Robson (Left) and FW44 (Right)
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Williams are currently at the bottom of the Constructor’s table, and by some margin as well, having scored only 3 points this year, all coming courtesy of new arrival Alex Albon. Last year, they ended the year with 23 points and were 8th in the standings. This year, they are 17 points away from 9th placed Aston Martin.

Obviously, this is not a good situation for any team to be in. According to GPFans, the team had hoped to join the midfield battle this year. That has certainly not materialized, and the team have only finished in the points twice this season, even though Alex Albon has at times performed admirably.

To improve their situation, Williams would have to spend considerably on aerodynamic development, but the strict financial regulations this year make that harder, and even if they could spend within it, Dave Robson, head of vehicle performance at Williams, believes that this is not an optimal strategy for development and progress.

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Dave Robson believes that gambling is much riskier for teams towards the bottom

Williams F1
Williams F1

Williams’s development strategy with their new-spec car is reminiscent of the RB-18, but they are yet to score any points with the ‘new’ car. Dave Robson thinks that gambling on aggressive car development is not a viable option for Williams. He said: “When you’re behind, you can’t just take risks, you can’t just gamble, that rarely pays off. The house normally wins when you go gambling, don’t they?”

He added: “But you’ve got to push things because, A, you want to understand that when you push them they work as you expect them to, which ultimately is the important bit going forward. But equally, we also wanted just to make up for the slow start.”

Robson thinks that Williams will have a few opportunities to score points in the second part of the season: “It’s important that not only do we show the progress, but it’s important for everyone who is working so hard that we do a better job this year. It would be nice to score some more points in the second half of the season and I think there is a chance to do that.”

He believes good results tend to have a knock-on effect: “And the knock-on effect amongst the whole team back at the fact and the drivers is, just to see that progress, to hopefully push on and score some points, that whole morale boost is also important. It’s hard to quantify but it definitely has a material effect.”

Robson concluded by saying that it is necessary for Williams to keep pushing and keep the momentum, and to act like a proper race team, for there is only learning to take from that, which will help them next year when they will possibly have a better, and more competitive car.

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