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“You can’t pressurize a young driver,” Lando Norris to NOT follow Vettel’s footsteps

Norris believes Vettel did what he wanted to at the same point of time in his career.

Lando Norris (Left) & Sebastian Vettel (Right)

Lando Norris demonstrates that his own determination to speak out on many causes will not be enough to fill the vacuum left by Sebastian Vettel‘s retirement.


The McLaren driver also asserted that the “ruthless” character that won four world championships was not the current Vettel, and he suggested that the infamous “Multi21” fallout at Red Bull would not be as explosive today. Although Vettel announced his retirement from Formula One at the end of the season, he has been a strong advocate for societal issues in recent years.

In contrast to the image Vettel was thought to have carried at Red Bull, the Aston Martin driver has earned respect among the drivers’ community in his capacity as director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association.


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2013’s Malaysian Grand Prix saw one of the most publicized teammate fights in the history of the sport when Vettel defied team orders to pass then-teammate Mark Webber and win. It is uncommon to see driver’s not follow what the team says, the most recent example can be seen in Red Bull themselves, where Sergio Perez was leading the race, and yet was asked to let Verstappen pass. 

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Lando Norris not to follow Vettel’s footsteps 

Lando Norris

According to the Briton, he wouldn’t be doing right now what Vettel has been doing as of now. He believes in activism, but at the same time he says that Vettel did not participate in activism in his early days; the period where Norris currently is. 

“It’s very difficult and I don’t think you can put pressure on any young driver to say why aren’t you doing what Seb is doing, because young Seb wasn’t doing what Seb is doing now,” GPfans quotes him. 

Lando Norris also stated that Vettle started with activism after being a four-time World Champion, and that stage is yet to come for him. 

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