When do Formula 1 teams launch their 2023 F1 cars?

Formula 1 car launches allow fans a look at the team's livery for the upcoming season. Find out here when each team unveils their 2023 F1 car.

When do Formula 1 teams launch their 2023 F1 cars?

Max Verstappen in Red Bull's 2022 Formula 1 car: The RB-18

We continue to inch closer to the beginning of the next Formula 1 season. Car launches are always highly-anticipated events, not just because they give you a peek at the livery, but because they signal that the season will start soon. Of course, in these ‘car launches’ you don’t usually find out what the ‘actual’ car will look or function like – it’s usually a very stripped-down version. This is the case because teams don’t want to give their rivals any ideas, and this is understandable.


For an actual look and a small peek of how the car actually works, fans will have to wait till the pre-season testing in Bahrain, from 23 to 25 February. By that time, it’s safe to assume that all liveries will be launched. But even the pre-season testing does not give an ‘unadulterated’ benchmark of the car’s performance: Fans will have to wait till qualifying for that. But for what it’s worth, these events can be exciting nonetheless – sometimes also controversial.

You must be wondering when the respective Formula 1 teams will launch their cars. Well, Haas, will be the first one to launch their car for the upcoming season. It’ll happen as soon as next week, on January 31. Their 2023 model, the ‘VF-23’ was also the first car to pass FIA homologation. After them, other teams will follow – and two will launch their cars on the same dates.

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The confirmed car launch dates for Formula 1 teams

Pierre Gasly in the Alpine A522 during the 2022 post-season test
Pierre Gasly in the 2022 Alpine A522 during the 2022 Formula 1 post-season test

All the teams have now announced their 2023 car launch dates. After Haas, the Constructors’ champions, Red Bull, will follow suit, just a few days later in New York, on February 3. Alpine will be the last team to launch their 2023 challenger. They will do so on February 16, in London. Just around a week before the pre-season testing in Bahrain.

McLaren and Aston Martin will both launch their challengers on the same date – February 13. Both will launch it at their team bases. A day later, on February 14, Ferrari will launch their 2023 car – currently under the ‘codename’ of Project 675. As you may have noticed, that’s Valentine’s Day, and fans will hope it’s a (red) design to fall in love with.

Mercedes, who will continue with their naming tradition, will dub their car the ‘W14’ and launch it a day after Ferrari. Haas, who will be the first to launch their car, will be followed by Red Bull, Williams, and Alfa Romeo. Both Red Bull family teams will launch their 2023 car in the ‘Big Apple’, New York. The full launch dates for all Formula 1 teams (that have announced it) are given below:

HaasJanuary 31, 2023OnlineHaas VF-23
Red BullFebruary 3, 2023New YorkRed Bull RB-19
WilliamsFebruary 6, 2023OnlineNo official name yet
Alfa RomeoFebruary 7, 2023ZurichAlfa Romeo C43
AlphaTauriFebruary 11, 2023New YorkAlphaTauri AT04
Aston MartinFebruary 13, 2023Team Base (Silverstone)Aston Martin AMR23
McLarenFebruary 13, 2023McLaren Technology Centre (Woking)No official name yet
FerrariFebruary 14, 2023To be confirmedNo official name yet
MercedesFebruary 15, 2023SilverstoneMercedes W14
AlpineFebruary 16, 2023LondonAlpine A523

Which launch are you most looking forward to?


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