“What on earth is this crossover?!” — Fans bewildered at IShowSpeed FUMING at Arsene Wenger for subbing him off in charity match

IShowSpeed wasn't happy to say the least when Arsene Wenger chose to sub him off during the Match for Hope.

“What on earth is this crossover?!” — Fans bewildered at IShowSpeed FUMING at Arsene Wenger for subbing him off in charity match

IShowSpeed was begging Arsene Wenger not to take him off (Via X/@AFCHub & ishowspeed)

Not even the most optimistic of football fans would’ve imagined Arsene Wenger and IShowSpeed‘s name mentioned in the same sentence. However, the ‘Match for Hope’ in Qatar featured just that, as the two gave birth to a ‘goldmine’ of content on social media. Legendary manager and former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was in charge of the dugout for team Chunkz.


The Frenchman, who initially started Speed on the bench, later subbed him on, and the outcome was just as expected. A ‘horrendous’ performance to say the least, the YouTuber missed an open chance, went ‘studs first’ onto Kaka, and had a 2/10 match rating. However, one of the most viral and hilarious moments in the game came when Wenger decided to sub for Speed.

The latter was distraught and ‘begged’ Wenger to keep him on. He was also seen clutching his hair and telling Wenger that it was his ‘last chance’, even though fans haven’t managed to make sense of that claim.

Being a friendly game and a celebrity event to add to it, Speed was subbed back on minutes later, even though the YouTuber did not find the net.


Netizens laugh at Speed’s reaction to Arsene Wenger subbing him off

One would never have thought that the mighty Arsene Wenger would have to listen to IShowSpeed give him tactical advice! The former Arsenal manager, who happens to be a three-time Champions League winner, was asked by the YouTuber to alter his game plan. He was seen telling Wenger to deploy him as a winger in a 4-3-3 position, to which Wenger replied that he has to make runs in behind Hazard.

Arsene Wenger and IShowSpeed
Arsene Wenger certainly wasn’t expecting an open goal miss from IShowSpeed when he asked the latter if he could finish (Via X/@SpeedHQ)

A fan commented that it was very kind of Wenger to indulge with him. Another laughed at how Speed confidently admitted that he could finish, and then proceeded to miss an open wide goal. Some said that his misses and abysmal performance were impressive to an extent. Some even questioned reality because a crossover between Wenger and Speed was unbelievable to an extent. Another said that Wenger, after all these years of searching, found his Thierry Henry replacement.

Reacting to Speed being subbed back on, some fans of the Youtuber said that, like Cristiano Ronaldo (his idol), he owned the place. Another labeled a picture of Speed and Wenger smiling on the bench as one of the most unbelievable pictures ever generated in the sport. A game that saw Eden Hazard back in his element, IShowSpeed slide tackle Kaka and Roberto Carlos jokingly have a go at Speed, certainly isn’t going to be forgotten any time soon

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